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13-14 Aug 2012: Understanding and Using the new DODAF v. 2.02

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Hamilton teaching DoDAF
Dr. Drew Hamilton, a technical expert on JCIDS and the DoDAF, taught over 30 students at the 2 day SE Workshop

The Chesapeake Chapter, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and Training Technologies Corporation. (TTC) teamed together to present a two-day class that was open to the entire systems engineering community in Northern Maryland. The course was conducted on 13,14 August in the Kossiakoff Center on the JHUAPL campus. The students got to learn:

    Whats New in DODAF 2.02?
    Step-by-Step Examples for Constructing DODAF Architecture Products
    Meeting the Latest JCIDS CJCSI 3170.01G and CJCSI 6212.01E Integrated Architecture Requirements
    How to get the most ROI from your Architecture Products
    Tips on Using DoDAF to Guide You Through the DIACAP Process
    How to Transition from DoDAF 1.5 to DoDAF 2.02
Thanking Hamilton
INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter past President, George Anderson, thanks Dr. Hamilton with an exclusive Chesapeake Chapter Caffeine Delivery System.

The course instructor was Dr. Drew Hamilton of Auburn University who provides this training, updated annually, on behalf of the TTC prospectus. TTC offers Dr. Hamilton’s course in commercial venues nationwide and has three other courses scheduled in the next few months.

The need for understanding the new DoDAF is critical for architectural teams providing SE services to DoD agencies and contractors. As a result, we were not surprised to have 31 students enroll in and complete this course. They all realized cost savings by taking the course locally. Not only were travel expenses avoided but due to the our chapter’s taking over the advertising and hosting duties, each attendee’s cost was reduced to $985 from the usual course cost of $1950.

Our Chapter feels strongly that we should strive to offer more of these values to our members as well as other area Systems Engineers. Timely training is an essential ingredient in preparing for more responsibilities in the DoD communities of engineering practice. Let our Director programs, Erik Devito, know of any other programs that may have interest to our community and have potential to help you distinguish yourself.

Enjoy our slideshow of the event below:

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