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15 Feb, 2014 (9:00 – 1:00): Tutorial: Thinking Outside the Box

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Thinking Outside the Box in Systems Engineering and Integration

Dr. Howard Eisner Dr. Howard Eisner, GWU Professor Emeritus

Tutorial: Building large and complex systems continues to be a significant challenge for today’s systems engineers and integrators. This tutorial sets forth new ways of thinking that could lead to improvements in how systems engineering and integration are carried out. In particular, nine new perspectives are suggested for “thinking outside the box”. Examples are provided for each along with a discussion of how they may be applied and their potential benefits. In addition, thinking in groups as well as historical thinking patterns are examined. A summary provides an overview of the several notions that represent departures from current mainstream approaches.

Bio: Dr. Howard Eisner has retired as Professor Emeritus of Engineering Management and Distinguished Research Professor in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department at the George Washington University. He spent 30 years in industry and 24 years in academia. In industry he served as research engineer, manager and executive at ORI, Inc. and the Atlantic Research Corporation. At the George Washington University he introduced and taught courses in systems engineering, architecting, and technical enterprises and issues. Dr. Eisner has written seven books on various aspects of systems engineering and related technical and management areas. He is a Life Fellow of the IEEE and a Fellow of INCOSE and the New York Academy of Sciences. He received BEE, MS and Doctor of Science degrees from CCNY (1957), Columbia University and The George Washington University.

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