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15 Jan, 2014: After Action Report: There is plenty of room at the bottom: Applying Systems Engineering Methodologies to the Micro and Nanoscale Realm

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There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Applying Systems Engineering Methodologies to the Micro and Nanoscale Realm

Ann Garrison Darrin Ms. Ann Garrison Darrin, The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

After Action Report:
January’s Chapter event saw INCOSE Chesapeake gather in a different space on APL’s campus, as 70+ members and guests stocked a lecture hall in Building 200 for a talk by APL’s own Ann Garrison Darrin. After the installment of INCOSE Chesapeake’s 2014 Board of Directors (by resident ESEP and long-time Chapter friend Steve Sutton – thanks, Steve!), Ms. Garrison Darrin began.

Her talk’s title referenced “There’s Plenty of Room at The Bottom,” a stated homage to Dr. Richard Feynman’s seminal speech on the topic of then-micro and now-nano technologies. Ms. Garrison Darrin described her own interesting journey through systems engineering (she’s a self-proclaimed non-systems engineer), as she led a team throughout the design and development of a micro-satellite. Her team successfully applied the principles of agile development, and she credits a good portion of the project’s success to the flexibility of the agile process. Particularly interesting were Garrison Darrin’s advice to break the traditional model, by “fixing cost and schedule, while floating system requirements,” as opposed to allowing fixed requirements to dictate a system’s cost and schedule. There are certainly more than a few lessons to be learned from the successes and experiences of Garrison Darrin’s team.

Learn more about how to apply systems engineering methodologies to the micro and nano realms by viewing Ann Garrison Darrin’s presentation, now available (with audio!) in our video library (follow link below).

Bio: Ann Garrison Darrin has worked at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for more than 15 years. She is the Managing Executive of the Space Department at the Laboratory and a member of the principal staff. She is the author of numerous papers and an author and editor of the book MEMS and Microstructures for Aerospace Applications and on Micro and Nano Structures Systems Engineering. As a technologist, Ann has participated in numerous exciting technology “firsts” in space. Ann is the founder and co-chair of the MEMS Alliance Mid-Atlantic and holds degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Maryland, University College. Ann sits on the board of the Maryland Space Business Round Table and the Science Council of the Maryland Science Center. Ms. Darrin is the 2005 recipient of the Women’s Leadership Award the Johns Hopkins University Women’s Network and has authored or coauthored over 40 papers, numerous book chapters and holds several patents.

>>Check out the Event Flyer Here<<

View presentation video here

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