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15 October 2014: After Action Report – JHU Human Systems Engineering Program

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JHU Human Systems Engineering Program

Communications Team

A spirited group of engineers and their guests once again convened in JHU’s Parsons Auditorium, this time for three presentations from JHU/APL faculty, centered on JHU’s Human Systems Engineering program.

William Fitzpatrick began the “Integrating Humans and Technology” trilogy. Among other things, Mr. Fitzpatrick gave an overview of Human-Systems Integration (HSI) within the systems engineering process. He noted that in almost all cases, the functionality of a product will be judged by on its human interface (think iPhone). Kathy Straub then presented the topic from the viewpoint of cognitive science. She gave a fascinating example of increasing system use through positive feedback. The scenario was that of a hybrid car adding flowers to the in-car display upon increased gas mileage as achieved by the driver. Amy Bayes gave the final presentation, focusing on JHU’s HSE program itself, and the available concentrations and electives therein.

The volume of questions following the lecture’s end speaks to the centrality of HSE acrosss engineering disciplines. To learn more about HSE and JHU’s program, check out the slides below. You can view a recording of the lecture broadcast by visiting our video library.

Integrating Humans and Technology – Part 1 (no video)
Video for Part 1 – BECI – Biometrically Enhanced Command Interface
Integrating Humans and Technology – Part 2
INCOSE IHAT Presentation

Live Presentation

Photos from the event

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