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16 Jan 2013, Open Source Cloud: OpenStack

by Communications Team on January 22, 2013  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

After Action Report: On January 16, 2013, Pat Holben (CTO of Zot, Inc.) addressed a full auditorium with a talk on the effects of Open Source Cloud technologies on the IT industry. He began with a brief history of virtualization technologies, depicting the original concept of the hypervisor layer. He followed with a description of the elements of today’s cloud architectures, namely VMware, Amazon EC2, and Eucalyptus products. He then overviewed the OpenStack architecture, with its unique lack of a typical hypervisor. He brought to light how OpenStack’s “custom clouds,” complete with open source networking and data storage solutions, offer intriguing and efficient solutions for IT architectures.

The presentation concluded with Holben’s take on future directions of cloud architectures – the IT industry’s war against Amazon, the subsequently necessary rise of OpenStack, and “datacenters made entirely of software” – all were mentioned. His talk emphasized how virtualization technologies continue to drastically alter today’s IT architectures, while Open Source Clouds’ most profound impacts may still have yet to come.

Holben delivered captivating narrative of cloud architectures’ past, present, and future. See more by downloading his presentation:

>>Download Presentation Here<<

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