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Cyber and Physical Threats to the Electric Power Grid

Mr. Steve McElwee Mr. Steve McElwee

Presentation: The electric power grid is a synchronized system of interdependent physical generators, transmission lines, transformers, and protective equipment that is owned by a wide variety of utilities. Operating this complex system requires large volumes of data and information systems that enable accurate decision-making to optimize the balance of reliability and economics. The reliance of society on electricity requires critical infrastructure owners and operators to reduce the risk of power outages despite a growing list of evolving threats. This presentation will provide an overview of cyber and physical threats to the power grid, such as nation-state threats, cybercrime, hacktivism, insider threats, solar flares, and EMP. It will also review leading approaches to resilient operation in the face of these threats.

Bio: Steven McElwee oversees a variety of cyber security functions at PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission organization responsible for managing the high-voltage electric power system serving 13 states plus the District of Columbia. He is responsible for cyber threat and risk analysis, security policy, vulnerability management, security monitoring, incident response, cyber forensics, and security assessments. He has over 25 years of experience in a variety of information technology and cybersecurity roles. He has a BA in Computer Science, an MBA, and an MS in Computer Information Systems and holds CISSP certification.

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