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17 July 2013: After Action Report: MSBE Current State and Directions

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Mr. Sanford FriedenthalTed Carney, Staff Writer

After Action Report: The evening of July 17th saw more than 50 people gathered in APL’s Parsons Auditorium, all anxiously awaiting a presentation from Mr. Sandy Friedenthal. A leading researcher and practitioner in the field, Friedenthal spoke on Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE). He gave an overview of the practice and its latest developments, as well as some of the future directions and challenges facing MBSE. Friedenthal elaborated on the value that MBSE can bring to projects, giving several examples of effective implementations. Audience members were eager to glean some expert advice as Friedenthal answered questions following the presentation.

Originating from the 2013 INCOSE International Workshop (IW), Friedenthal highlighted an instance where Lockheed Martin employed MBSE during the development of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). Using a tool called Model Center, the team integrated all of the UUV’s behavioral models with the corresponding analysis models, enabling efficient traceability and verification of requirements. With this example and others, Friedenthal stressed that the advantages of MBSE are not only derived from the transition away from the document-based approach, but also the capability to integrate all types of system models. He spoke at length on the complexity of model integration management, perhaps the central challenge facing MBSE going forward. Encouraging though were the results of two MBSE surveys, which demonstrated the growing presence of MBSE throughout industry.

The Chesapeake Chapter was once again treated to an engaging presentation from an industry leader. With MBSE gaining momentum throughout the SE community, the INCOSE MBSE working group’s tagline rings especially true – “MBSE is SE.” See more from Sandy Friedenthal’s presentation here:

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