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17 Oct 2012: Framework for Model-based Systems Engineering

by Communications Team on October 28, 2012  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Speaker John S. Baras a new approach to MBSE

On Oct 17, 2012, Dr. Baras addressed a filled auditorium on the purpose and value of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE). He reviewed the University of Maryland Institute for Systems Research concept for and research into developing a MBSE framework that allows systems engineers to connect UML/SysML models to domain models, analysis tools, and information repositories. The hub of this framework consists of a set of domain transformations that allow information from one viewpoint (e.g., SysML) to get transformed into information usable in another viewpoint (e.g., mechanical domain model defined in Modelica or for use by an analysis or simulation tool) and then in the reverse. The framework allows for communication and consistency among the systems engineers and the domain engineers through capabilities provided by information science and technology.

He gave several examples of research successes from the automotive and energy domains in proving and demonstrating the concept of this framework. He sees framework as usable with the right ontological transformations for any discipline (automotive, medical, energy, defense, space, etc.), any analytic and modeling tools, and any engineering domain. He and his research team work with industry and government to bring these concepts to fruition and make them usable. He showed the value of MBSE and the framework to allow assessment of designs and design parameters to produce more optimal and consistent designs.

See more by downloading his presentation:

See the Original Announcement

Enjoy the slideshow of the event. (If you don’t see the pictures below then try a different browser or go to our Picasa album.)

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