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17 September 2011 Saturday Tutorial: Practical Concepts for Model Based Systems Engineering

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Zane Scott
Zane Scott teaching at the
MBSE Tutorial

On Saturday, 17 September, Zane Scott of Vitech Corporation presented a four hour tutorial on Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Zane is a pioneer in the non-traditional uses of MBSE. His experience with process analysis and improvement combined with his non-systems engineering background made for a fresh perspective on the tutorial topic. Zane reminded us that a set of views is not a model. Views don’t have characteristics. When we use only a set of views we short shrift the system logic and functionality. As a context for MBSE, Zane exhorted us to always consider three systems. First is the subject system or the system of interest. The second is the system that the subject system resides in or the contextual system. The third and last system and the one often neglected is the system that you’re using to design or in other words the system you use for disciplining your design process. MBSE, aiding us to look at systems both analytically and synthetically, is both timely and relevant for the design and implementation of the complex systems that challenge the systems engineer today.

Model Based Systems Engineering Process: Inputs and Outputs

Interested in seeing what all the excitement was all about? Check out the slides Zane used by …

>>Downloading his presentation HERE<<

This Tutorial was well attended, with over 35 attendees, and most found the lecture and teaching very enlightening. The INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter would like to thank the Applied Physics Laboratory for supporting this tutorial through use of their facility and Vitech Corporation for providing Mr. Scott. The proceeds from this event will be given to the James E. Long Memorial Fund.

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