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17 September, 2014: After Action Report – Big Data Intelligence: 360 Analytical Security

by Communications Team on October 17, 2014  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Big Data Intelligence: 360 Analytical Security

Communications Team

A diverse and multidisciplinary crowd descended upon JHU’s South Campus on September 17th, anxious to hear a talk on one of today’s biggest buzz words: Big Data.

“Big Data Intelligence: 360 Analytical Security” was the presentation’s title, delivered by Tejminder Luthra of IBM. Mr. Luthra took the crowd through a detailed scenario, illustrating how an adversary might gain access to a targeted network. Although we might like to think there’s no harm in using a smart phone to order tickets to a baseball game – the inherent cyber risks associated with such an activity are indeed part of the world we live in today. Even more informative was Mr. Luthra’s explanation of the 360 Analytical Security methodology. Among other techniques, the framework leverages Hadoop to carry out Kernel-based Online Anomaly Detection, or KOAD.

To learn more about the big data problems posed by need for continuous monitorning, and how to solve them, check out the presentation slides below, or view the presentation (with audio!) by visiting out Video Library.

Download Presentation

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