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18 April 2012: Life after the Northeast Blackout of 2003

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Mr. Kormos speaking at the April 18th, 2012 Joint INCOSE-CC/IEEE-PES meeting

April 18th, 2012 was a historic day as IEEE Power & Energy Society – Baltimore Chapter and INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter joined forces for the first time to host a dinner/lecture at JHU/APL. The speaker, Mike Kormos, Senior Vice President – Operations of PJM Interconnection, held the 55 attendees spell bound as he explained the reasons and fall out the North East Blackout of August 14th 2003. Even though the blackout could have been prevented, several causes – training, tools, and trees – conspired that evening to bring about the cascading effect that resulted in 55 million people to lose power. Mr. Komos told the story by using the original slides from the February 2004, the U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force. He did note that the PJM Interconnection systems at the time were able to ride through the event with very minimum power outage; mainly because of their advance system planning that was in place. Even so, the event was a wakeup call to the industry and PJM has responded with a new upgraded energy management system with new improved Cognitive Task Analysis, Visualization, Intelligent Event Processing and Virtualization. Most impressive is the construction of a second data and control center that is completely hot swappable with the original control center.


Every month a lucky attendee wins a door prize. This month it was a book entitled, "Empires of Light"

Mr. Kormos then discussed current Industry Challenges such as (1) Dealing with the Clean Air Act and the decommissioning large amounts of coal-fired generating plants (2) Replacing these ancient power plants with affordable renewable resources such as wind and solar; and (3) the discovery of largest shale gas deposit in the world is located in Pennsylvania.


As a token of our appriciation we gave Mr. Kormos a Certificate of Appriciation and an INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Caffine Delivery System.

The questions were very intelligent and the answers quick and thoughtful. All and all, a very stimulating and fascinating lecture.

April 18, 2012: Presentation from Mr. Kormos, “Life after the 2003 Blackout”

Original Announcement

Enjoy the meeting slide show below.

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