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18 July 2012: SE Contributions to the Next Generation Air Transportation System

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Dr. Balwin speaks to INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter on the Next Generation Air Transportation System

On July 18th we got a taste of Summer as we chowed down on Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Potato Salad in the relaxing atmosphere of the JHU/APL cafeteria. Our INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter meeting started officially with many announcements, specially the report out from the attendees of the 22nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium in Rome.  Our Chapter President, Don York, announced our chapter received the 2011 Gold Circle award.

Everyone then went to the Auditorium where we listened to Clifton Baldwin, Ph.D., ESEP, PMP, the Senior Technical Adviser to the FAA’s William J Hughes Technical Center discuss NextGen: the transformation of our national airspace system, making it flexible and sustainable.

Dr. Baldwin receives a certificate of thanks and a rare INCOSE-CC Caffeine Delivery System from our Programs Director, Erik DeVito

It’s important to note that NextGen is not a single program or procedure but a comprehensive initiative that integrates new and existing technologies, procedures and policies. Dr. Baldwin admitted this program is in reality a quite large Systems of Systems project which includes updating Concept of Air Traffic Operations as well as a Technology refresh of all the various systems/sub-systems. A very complex undertaking.

This lead the audience to start the Q&A early as they asked him many questions on such topics as the air traffic controller’s roles and responsibility; integrating older aircraft; and the importance of the FAA Enterprise Architect.

Dr. Baldwin ended by discussing FAA’s SE Competency Effort driven by the report “Identifying the Workforce to Respond to a National Imperative – The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen),” dated September 2008. He mentioned their effort may require a CSEP for Level 2 SE but it hasn’t been decided yet. He also said they’re in the midst of updating their Systems Engineering Manual to align it more with the INCOSE SE Handbook and other various SE standards.

The meeting closed with the door prize of Systems Thinking: Coping with 21st Century Problems by John Boardman and Brian Sauser being given out to our long time member and past chapter treasure, Dave Griffith.

Download Dr. Baldwin’s slides.

Link to the FAA Implementation Plan.

Original Announcement

Enjoy the pictures from the meeting below:

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