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19 June 2013: After Action Report: Logistics of Disaster Management

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Mark Kaczmarek, Secretary, Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE

After Action Report: Chuck Willis is the Senior Engineer Technical Analyst in Electric Systems Operations and Planning at Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE). He presented BGE’s planning and methodologies for disaster recovery of severe storm events in our area. This was very fascinating covering the layers of preparedness that the BGE power company has taken to manage and mitigate the risks of major storms and weather events that have hit our region over the years.
He showed the decision process that takes place for hurricane readiness and when the call goes out to the Mutual Assistance Groups – for additional help days prior to an event – however noting that other utility companies will also be placing their requests. A special set of electrical workers can start out in Florida and work their way up the coast all the way up into New England to help with power restoration. Also shown was the distribution network within BGE’s area for staging parts, and the intricacy and difficulty of all the logistics that has to go into hosting outside assistance when it arrives. He also pointed out the fact that special sporting events and usage of areas for State Fairs additionally adds into the difficulty for housing and renting vehicles.
If the event is large enough, a report must be sent to the local authorities for review. It appears that the BGE team does “lessons learned” after each event to continually adapt their methods to be able to bring the most rapid response possible. He discussed the new Smart meters that search out wirelessly, to be able to report status back to the home office.
Mr. Willis also entertained a barrage of questions, as many in the audience were engaged in the discussion, and on occasion, like true Systems Engineers, some very pointed questions that the speaker was unable to answer due to the depth of detail required.
At the end of the program, Chuck put up on the screen a work crew, in real time, performing work on an actual outage within BGEs area of influence.
Overall, over 40 interested participants enjoyed learning the details of how BGE manages disaster planning.

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