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19 November 2014: After Action Report – The Intersection of Neural Prosthetics and Advanced Robotics

by Communications Team on December 5, 2014  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

The Intersection of Neural Prosthetics and Advanced Robotics

Communications Team

On November 19th, over 70 engineers, scientists, and their guests gathered in APL’s Parsons Auditorium for one of the most popular INCOSE Chesapeake lectures in recent memory. Co-sponsored by IEEE, the event did not disappoint – JHU’s Mike McLoughlin gave an enlightening talk on advanced robotics and neural prosthetics.

If I told you that humans have invented a technology that allows amputees to move a prosthetic limb simply by “thinking about moving it,” what would you think? It sounds unbelievable – but it’s exactly what Mr. McLoughlin’s team has implemented. They call it “closed-loop cortical control,” and it looks just as cool as it sounds. There’s really only so much I can say – go to 32:15 in the video below to watch as amputees use the device in action. The presentation also covered a wide range of alternative applications for the technology, such as dangerous area exploration.

The crowd’s fascination manifested in several questions for McLoughlin at the talk’s conclusion, further evidence that the presented techniques are indeed a disruptive technology. Check out video and slides below to see for yourself!

Live Presentation

Photos from the event

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