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19 October 2011: The Power of Partitioning In Systems Architecture

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John ThomasPrior to the lecture John Thomas, INCOSE President Elect, phoned into the meeting from overseas trip in order to discuss a proposed change to the INCOSE bylaws that is unanimously endorsed by the Board of Directors (BoD) to enable organizational changes that will establish the new positions of Sector Directors. The primary objectives of this proposal are to improve the direct influence of Chapters on governance at the level of the Board of Directors and to increase our ability to handle opportunities arising from our global growth. Read more here.

Richard TaylorMr. Richard Taylor was enthusiastically received by an audience of over 40 systems engineers on October 19th, 2011,  as he delivered a dynamic and insightful presentation on The Power of Partitioning Systems Architecture. Mr. Taylor, a subject matter expert in systems architecture, has taught on the subject for several years in the Systems Engineering graduate program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

During his presentation Mr. Taylor emphasized that partitioning choices are the most important decisions that a system architect makes and that poor partitioning choices will be difficult to overcome.

The single most important consideration in system partitioning is designing for replicability. That is, breaking down the components with minimal interfaces that will allow one to step back and see patterns and reusability of these components and subsystems that are produced. This is an analogy to the software engineering Object Oriented Design philosophy of high cohesion and low coupling. Replicable components impact availability, alter capacity, and enable new technology to be introduced with minimal impact.

Overall, an excellent presentation – many lessons to pad any Systems’ Engineer tool box for architecting and design. Want to see more? Download his presentation here.  

One of the most important aspects of Architecture, according to Richard Taylor, is to design for replicability.

Mr. Taylor indicated that The Art of Systems Architecting by Mark Maier and Eberhardt Rechtin is one of the best books among the few references on the topic of systems architecture. This book was the door prize which was awarded to Peter Eirich who is on staff at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

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