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19 Sept 2012: Complexity and the Systems Engineer

by Communications Team on September 23, 2012  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

By Mark Kaczmarek; Secretary, Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE

Dr. Sheard presented, once again, a fascinating tour of the complex world we live in. From her research she showed the genesis, along with a timeline, of the engineering realm’s view of complexity. Now, this is not the V-model that most Systems Engineers are used to, but the areas that confound designers when involved with the development of new system. She pointed out that the definition alone is elusive, however, with her analysis, one walks away with a more concise view of what are the attributes a complex system.

From previous presentations that I have attended given by Dr. Sheard, the roadmap helped me to realize that I spent significant energy in analyzing data to partition the simple from the complex in order to better understand and dissect the complex data.

In order to provide status or areas that need study to customers and program management, the conundrum of trying to explain or quantify the area of complexity is vague and difficult. The original intent was to show that this is complex due to the inability to properly define it.

Overall, a fascinating evening with many areas for engineers to continue to pursue in their careers.

See more by downloading her presentation: 2012_09_19_Sheard_Complexity_fordist


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Enjoy the slideshow of the event.  (If you don’t see the pictures below then try a different browser or go to our Picasa album.)

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