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2 June 2012: Agile Project Management and Systems Engineering Seminar

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Dr. Suzette Johnson and Dr. Dave Rico at their Agile PM/SE Seminar on June 2nd, 2012 Dr. Suzette Johnson and Dr. Dave Rico engage the students in their Agile PM/SE Seminar on June 2nd, 2012

On June 2nd, 2012 a class of 41 was treated to an Agile extravaganza with Dr. Suzette Johnson of Northrop Grumman and Dr. Dave Rico of Boeing. They led the class through some very stimulating and thought provoking exercises which provided tangible examples of how Agile is applied in team environment. Dr. Rico’s looked at Agile though the lens of a well studied researcher showed that one of people’s biggest concern with Agile which is “Quality Assurance” is misguided. The statistics show clearly that Agile increases quality over traditional development methodologies. This is because defects are found and fixed more often through close development collaboration. The venue was graciously provided by UMBC Training Centers and a pizza lunch via our vigorous sponsor by Clovis. This event aimed at bring together the best of both worlds; Project Management and Systems Engineering with a little splash of agile added to provide the class with some compelling models for applying agile methods.

Enjoy our Slide Show Below,


INCOSE Chesapeake Chapters wishes to thank our sponsors to this event for their generous contributions. Without their involvements this event would have been impossible. Thanks!

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