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2012 Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair

by Don.Gantzer on March 17, 2012  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Don York and Don Gantzer participated as special judges in the 46th AAC 2012 Science and Engineering held at North County HS on March 3rd. Almost 300 [middle and high] students participated in ~ 255 projects. We only had time to review ~ 10 selected projects. Categories we focused on were Engineering, Computer Science, Energy & Transportation, and Environmental Sciences.

We were impressed in general with the types, approaches, analyses, and interpretation the students exhibited. We provided certificates and monies as “INCOSE Excellence in Science & Engineering” as follows:

1ST Place ‘Effects of Winglets on Lift & Drag’; Nathan Smith & Clayton Shemblen

1st Place [tie] ‘Root Kit Detection’; Gregory Bekher

2nd Place ‘Do Clouds Affect Solar Energy’; Madeleine Bowcutt & Julia Heck

We feel this is an excellent outreach activity for our chapter and hope more of our members would be interested in supporting this in their counties. Related, State of Maryland, as well as most States, are supporting the Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM] program sponsored by the US Government.

Other ways we might help are mentoring students and offering briefings/talks on our SE approach to solving problems. Anyone interested, please contact us.

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