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EIGHTH SEY Award 2012: Dr. Alex Pavlak

by Communications Team on February 23, 2013  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Dr. Alex Pavlak

Dr. Alex Pavlak was recognized as the Chesapeake Chapter Systems Engineer of the Year for 2012. Dr. Pavlak is the project lead for a systems engineering initiative focused on clean energy systems and simplifying the global transition to a post fossil fuel economy. He has communicated and presented the findings of his systems engineering team’s studies in clean energy systems to various bodies and agencies at different levels of government. This includes briefing the INCOSE Power and Energy Working Group and providing artifacts and briefings to the Maryland State Senate and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Pavlak himself is a recognized subject matter expert in the area of clean energy systems. He has published several papers in this area in publications that include American Scientist, IEEE Spectrum, The Electricity Journal, and INCOSE. Dr. Pavlak was presented with the Best Paper Award at the INCOSE 2012 International Symposium in Rome, Italy, for his paper titled Engineering Clean Energy Systems. Dr. Pavlak is an active member of the Chesapeake Chapter. He is the current Program Director and chairs the Chapter’s Future of Energy Working Group. Upon receiving the award, Dr. Pavlak remarked “The SEY award is a great honor. For years I felt I was a lone voice in the wilderness talking about how to develop clean energy systems. It is gratifying to be associated with an organization that understands what I am trying to say.” Dr. Pavlak exemplifies the model for the Systems Engineer of the Year. Congratulations, Dr. Alex Pavlak!

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