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INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter
  December 2013

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President’s Point of View

It was a very good year, but….

Dr. William Ewald – INCOSE CC President

In last month’s POV, I catalogued the many impressive accomplishments of our Chapter over the past year. These accomplishments included, among others, a very robust technical program; scholarship awards to local engineering undergraduates; an aggressive member outreach initiative; and major improvements in our communications capability. We should be justifiably proud of our efforts. But as impressive as these accomplishments are, we do not intend to rest on our laurels as we move into the New Year.

We have a solid operational and financial base that will enable us to move from being a very good chapter to a great chapter. Here’s my rationale.

First and foremost, we have a highly motivated and capable Board of Directors who are constantly looking for ways to improve our services to members. Complacency is not in our vocabulary. As we move into the New Year, our Board is contemplating several initiatives that will: improve the functions of the Chapter; tighten our By-laws; reach out to under-represented engineers in our Chapter; and produce a more meaningful strategic plan. More information will be forthcoming in the next several months.

Second, we are blessed to be located in an area that has a plethora of companies and institutions that value the roles of systems engineers. Consequently, there is a rich and diverse systems engineering population that we can draw upon for our technical programs. Most come from the defense, aerospace and intelligence communities. But there are other domains (e.g., medicine, transportation, energy, and communications) that have exciting and highly promising systems engineering initiatives. We are beginning to tap into these domains, and look forward to more connections in the coming year.

Third, we are positioned to make a difference in the operations of the larger INCOSE community. We now have enough of a critical mass of resources (talent, time, money) to engage other chapters in collaborative efforts, provide leadership on new initiatives, and work more closely with the INCOSE Board of Directors, Technical Board, and Academic Council. Investments in this area should be taken with the understanding that they will produce returns that benefit our Chapter. Our strategic planning efforts will address these possibilities.

Fourth, we have the beginning of a track record in sponsoring Chapter Working Groups which has the huge upside of potentially contributing to the systems engineering body of knowledge. Past and present efforts include working groups on Object Oriented Systems Engineering Methodology, Program Management and Systems Engineering, and Clean Energy Systems. We can do more by making it easier for groups to form around an interest area, benchmarking what other chapters are doing, and inviting members of INCOSE Working Groups to address our Board and membership.

Fifth, take advantage of our growing Web-based communication capabilities to expand our technical programs – dinner lectures and workshops/tutorials as well as virtual online courses that could be accessed throughout the systems engineering world. This might take some time, but it would be great if our Chapter was internationally known for the quality and relevance of our education and development programs. We would be the benchmark for the entire INCOSE community.

Given these capabilities, I have no doubt that we can be the architects of any future we envision. It’s going to be an exciting and productive journey, and I know we will accomplish great things. As I step down from the position of President, I welcome Erik DeVito as our next President and pledge to support him in the coming year in any way I can.

Happy Holidays to all

Bill Ewald – INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter President

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Don’t miss the upcoming holiday dinner, Wednesday 11 December, 6:00 – 10:00 PM

The Engineer’s Club

It’s been a wonderful year of meals, lectures and fellowship. Come celebrate with us as we recognize those who have helped us realize INCOSE’s mission to push SE out into the front of the public debate. Join us for an evening of fine food and stimulating conversation with friends and colleagues. Including the presentation of the System Engineer Of the Year Award.
Dr. Sam Seymour, JHUAPL Business Coordinator and Vice Chair Systems Engineering, will speak on “Impactful Personal Systems Resolutions”

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion is a jewel in the crown of Baltimore’s most distinctive historic homes. This unique Mansion epitomizes nineteenth-century Golden Age elegance and grandeur. Docent tours of the mansion are available 6 – 7 PM for $5.00

We will have a fine buffet of Beef Tips Madagascar with Rice or Salmon Tuscany and Coffee, Tea and Iced Tea

Dinner Cost: $40 per person

To pay by credit card via PayPal, visit our website:

Click here to download flyer

Note: Registration closes 8 December 2013

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Your Board of Directors for the Chesapeake Chapter are now making a focused effort to provide better communications between job seekers and employers. What is missing from the typical internet searches and scanning job boards is the networking aspect. At the October and November dinner events, we manned a table to help connect people in need of a new job. In order to benefit and assist with this effort, please make a determined effort to attend these events. Also, at the INCOSE international level (link assessable on the right navigation bar of our web site), there are over 600 job opportunities.

There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Applying Systems Engineering Methodologies to the Micro and Nanoscale Realm

Ann Garrison Darrin Ms. Ann Garrison Darrin, The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

Presentation: On December 29, 1959, physicist Richard Feynman gave a lecture entitled, “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom“, now considered a seminal event in the foundation of Nanotechnology. Today, micro scale and nano scale technology developments have the potential to revolutionize smart and small systems. The application of systems engineering methodologies that integrate standalone, small–scale technologies and interface them with macro technologies to build useful systems is critical to realizing the potential of these technologies. This talk covers the expanding knowledge base on systems engineering principles for micro and nano technology integration starting with a discussion of the drivers for applying a systems approach. Technology development on the micro and nano scale has transitioned from the laboratory curiosity to the realization of products in the health, automotive, aerospace, communication, and numerous other arenas.

Bio: Ann Garrison Darrin has worked at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for more than 15 years. She is the Managing Executive of the Space Department at the Laboratory and a member of the principal staff. She is the author of numerous papers and an author and editor of the book MEMS and Microstructures for Aerospace Applications and on Micro and Nano Structures Systems Engineering. As a technologist, Ann has participated in numerous exciting technology “firsts” in space. Ann is the founder and co-chair of the MEMS Alliance Mid-Atlantic and holds degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Maryland, University College. Ann sits on the board of the Maryland Space Business Round Table and the Science Council of the Maryland Science Center. Ms. Darrin is the 2005 recipient of the Women’s Leadership Award the Johns Hopkins University Women’s Network and has authored or coauthored over 40 papers, numerous book chapters and holds several patents.

>>Check out the Event Flyer Here<<

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Did you miss last month’s Lecture? Identity Access Management – Challenges and Best Practices

Mr. Todd Rossin Mr. Todd Rossin, Managing Director/Founder IDMWorks

Presentation: Todd Rossin presented core aspects of Identity and Access management including:

  • Assessment & Roadmap – Review and Planning
  • User Provisioning – Automation of user management and access to systems within an organization
  • Change Management – Automation and support for development, rollout and maintenance of system components from current state to future state
  • Role Lifecycle Management – Modeling and implementation of roles within an organization
  • Access Management – Real‐time enforcement of application security using identity–based controls and provisioned access rights
  • Governance – Use cases and methodologies proven over the last decade to assist with Identity and Access Management
  • Audit & Compliance – Support for laws, regulation and policies
  • Bio: Todd Rossin is responsible for the oversight of various IDMWORKS business segments and for the development of strategic plans to sustain the company’s rapid growth pattern. Todd has over twenty years of management and technical experience that assist IDMWORKS clients in accomplishing their missions and objectives more effectively. Todd received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delaware and his MBA and Masters of Science degrees from Wilmington College. Todd also holds many technical certifications in Identity and Access Management, and IT Security, as well as multiple industry certifications including the CISSP, Security+, MCSE, MCDBA, AIS – HP Identity Management, and the CA DLP Accreditation.

    Check out the video of the lecture on YouTube: Click

    Download Todd’s lecture presentation: Click here

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    Upcoming Events

    • December 11: INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Holiday Dinner
    • January 15, 2014: Monthly Dinner/Lecture: There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Applying Systems Engineering Methodologies to the Micro and Nanoscale Realms

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    In Vol. 4 Issue 12

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