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INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter
  August 2014

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President’s Point of View

Sharing the Learning Experience – By George Anderson

Mr. George Anderson – INCOSE CC President

This month our President-Elect George Anderson will be filling in as he shares his experience attending the 2014 INCOSE IS – Erik

The primary goal for my attendance this year was to evaluate the papers and learn about what subjects could be important emerging trends in Systems Engineering. Second, my wife, Doreen, was planning on touring a number of quilting shops to further her quilting hobby, but kindly agreed to attend several of the social events. She attended the SEP reception with me and, while enjoying the conversation and introductions, decided that certification was not relevant to her immediate future.

Since ‘Vegas’ is such a party venue, I have to start with the social life. There was an evening reception on Monday and Tuesday where everyone could meet friends and exchange information with the exhibits folks. After spending all day listening to others present papers, I was not surprised that many spirited discussions collectively reached a decibel level approaching established EPA hearing safety limits.

On Wednesday evening, the grand banquet was held terminating most business and the symposium attendees were feted with a cast of entertainers that delivered a panorama performance that included imitations of past entertainment stars. Elvis and Frank Sinatra acts were notable and the rest took some skill to decipher. This was also an opportunity to meet members from other chapters and perhaps tentatively arrange for future Chesapeake chapter speakers. I noted with pride that our chapter members in attendance included at least: Larry Little, Steve Sutton, Gundars Osvalds, Paul Martin, Ken Zemrowski, James Armstrong and Len Morgan.

The three days of keynotes were remarkably popular for a crowd that would otherwise have been tardy morning risers given the temptations of casino shows and many instances of what I understand were mathematical systems that accept money and statistically return up to 92 cents for every dollar invested.

Barclay Brown, INCOSE, Director, Americas Sectors presents the 2013 Circle Award to INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter, President- Elect, George Anderson

Thanks to George for not only sharing his experience but also for representing our great chapter at this important INCOSE event.

This month we have our usual 3rd Wednesday dinner lecture at John Hopkins APL in Laurel. On the 20th of August, The Honorable Earl F. Weener, Ph.D, from the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) will be discussing how engineering errors contributed to major surface transportation accidents in our recent history; the 2006 I-90 connector tunnel accident in Boston, MA and the 2007 I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN. This should be an extremely interesting and enlightening discussion. I urge everyone to come out and join us

Also the week after, on the 27th of August we’re throwing our 5th Annual 2014 Systems Engineer Professional Gala at the Engineer’s Club in Baltimore. As always the team has worked really hard to put together a first class program.

We’ll be honoring our SEPs (ASEPs, CSEPs, and ESEPs) with this grand event and all newly minted ESEPs will receive special recognition for their accomplishment. The speakers will be Courtney Wright, the INCOSE SEP Program Manager, David Long, 2014 INCOSE HQ President, and Mike McNamee, Chief Systems Engineer, DoD. Additionally our VIP Guest will be Kristen Baldwin, Principal Deputy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering (ODASD(SE)).You can see the event flyer here

You can register for this lecture here.

Also as I noted in this column last month The INCOSE Chesapeake Women in Systems Engineering (WISE) Initiative held their first leadership election. First off, let me offer a sincere and grateful thank you to all candidates who ran for office during this special election. Now without further ado I’d like to congratulate and introduce the very first WISE leadership team.

Officers Committee Chairs
Kim Bowmaster, President Heather Johnson, Events
Myra Gross, President-Elect Joanne Serelis, Outreach
Julie Fuller, Treasurer Catherine Collins, Communications
Linda Pitelli, Secretary Rosemary Muriuki, Membership

I’m always interested to hear from our membership so please feel free to contact me by email


Erik DeVito – INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter President

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20 August, 2014 (6:00 – 8:00 PM): Engineering Design: Insights into Highway Bridge and Tunnel Disasters

Dr. Earl Weener The Honorable Earl F. Weener, Ph.D, NTSB

Presentation: The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, is charged with determining the probable cause of transportation accidents, including surface transportation accidents. On August 1st, 2007 the collapse of a bridge on the I-35 Interstate highway in Minneapolis, MN, resulted in thirteen fatalities and injuries to 145 people. On July 10th, 2006 in Boston, MA, a section of suspended concrete ceiling panels in the Interstate 90 (I-90) connector tunnel en-route to Logan Airport fell, crushing a vehicle and killing a passenger. The investigations of these two accidents by the NTSB will be discussed with particular emphasis on how engineering errors contributed to the accidents.

Bio: The Honorable Earl F. Weener, Ph.D. is the 41st Member of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). He was nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate for a term that expires in December, 2015. Prior to serving as a member of NTSB, Dr. Weener was at the Boeing Company for 24 years. While there he held a series of Chief Engineer positions, focusing on Systems Engineering, Reliability and Maintainability, Safety, and Airworthiness. He was also involved with the development of the two-crew 747 flight deck concept and the development of the 757/767 flight decks.

>> Check out the Event Flyer Here <<

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5th Annual Maryland SEP Gala, 27 Aug 2014, Wednesday

The Engineer's Club

All Maryland SEPs and a guest are invited to celebrate their accomplishments and to honor new ESEPs at The Engineers Club, Baltimore MD. Last year’s 4th Annual Gala was a great success.

Save the date: August 27th

>> Download the Event Flyer Here <<

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17 September, 2014 (6:00 – 8:00 PM): Big Data Intelligence: 360 analytical security

Dr. Earl Weener Tejinder S. Luthra, Global Technical Ambassador, IBM

Presentation: Security data is used to analyze activities and metrics associated with risk management, incident detection/response, regulatory compliance, and investigations/forensics. Many of these investigations now include analysis of nontraditional data sources such as social media, customer browsing history, and business transactions. To support business requirements, manage risk, and respond to security events, CISOs collect, retain, and analyze a larger repository of data than they did in the past. Security data growth and utilization will only increase in the future. In this session, we will discuss IBM’s comprehensive approach leveraging a deep portfolio of security analytics to improve situational awareness at the federal mission level, and how mission planners can harness the power of Big Data through advanced security, predictive and entity analytics as a preemptive defense from external and internal threats.

Bio: Tejinder S Luthra is a Global Technical Ambassador at IBM, serving as a consulting Senior Big Data Technical Specialist. He also serves as a member on multiple Customer Advisory Boards representing IBM. He is certified in various database and Hadoop technologies and has authored a book on Data Lifecycle and Management. He provides Architectural Leadership and is in constant discussions with clients building models and designing solution that meet specific Business and Technical Objectives. His focus is around reference architectures for Next Best Action, 360 degree view around customer and Data Warehouse Modernization. In the past, Tej has served as a lead in IT Operations overseeing extremely large, complex, and diverse implementations of databases and applications.

>> Download the Event Flyer Here <<

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27 September, 2014 (8:30 – 12:00 PM): Putting the “Systems” Back in Systems Engineering

Zane Scott Zane Scott, Vitek Corporation

Presentation: What do a physicist turned evolutionary biologist and a couple of business professors have to say to systems engineers? Fritjof Capra, Peter Senge and Russell Ackoff all offer cogent commentary on a topic of critical importance to systems engineers in today’s world- the importance and centrality of the systems view. Our heritage as an engineering discipline makes it easy to slip from the holistic view into the analytic emphasis on components. This program explores how we got here and looks anew at the need to take a “systems view.” Our goal is to inspire the quest for new thinking tools and to push the practice of systems into new fields of endeavor.

BIO: The VP of Professional Services at Vitech Corporation, Zane is an experienced process analyst and teacher. He is a frequent presenter in Systems Engineering circles teaching the MBSE Fundamentals tutorial at the INCOSE IS for the last two years and delivering papers, presentations and webinars for a variety of INCOSE Chapters and other professional organizations across the country. Zane has a BA in Economics from Va Tech, a JD from the University of Tennessee and has done further graduate work in Business Administration and Counseling. A trained mediator and hostage/crisis negotiator, Zane is a member of the American Society of Training and Development, the International Association of Hostage Negotiators and the Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE.

>> Download the Event Flyer Here <<

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