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INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter
  November 2014

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President’s Point of View

Being Thankful

Mr. Erik DeVito – INCOSE CC President

Now that we’re all riding high on a sugar rush of Halloween treats, November is quickly upon us. We’ve reached the point in our chapter year where our 2015 candidates for the Chesapeake Chapter Board of Directors have been elected. We’ll announce the winners later in the month after we’ve verified the election results and ensure that the integrity of our election process was not compromised.

This month will be our last chapter meeting and dinner lecture for 2014. It will be held on Wednesday, 19 November at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in the Parson’s Auditorium. First we’ll be getting a quick update from the INCOSE Chesapeake Women in Systems Engineering (WISE). This update will detail all that they have done since their inception in January. WISE is an initiative established by the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter, under the authority of its Board of Directors, to increase representation of women in systems engineering within industry, academia, and government. After the WISE briefing, we’ll be treated to what I think may be the most interesting lecture topic of the year. Mike McLoughlin, JHU/APL Chief Engineer leads the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program (RP) at JHU/APL. His lecture will be centered on recent integration of advances in neuroscience, robotics and autonomy which are now opening new options for neurally controlled prosthetics and assistive robots. In this talk he will discuss some of these advances, show some examples and discuss some of the challenges to the systems engineer and technical manager.

As always November represents a chance for us to be thankful for all of our gifts. So I want to wish all of you warm and heartfelt thanks for being dedicated members of this chapter. Serving you this year has been a special gift to me. I will appreciate this time for years to come. I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and get the chance to spend it with family and friends whom you love and cherish.

However, as quickly as November has come December will come just as quickly if not quicker. On Wednesday, December 10th we’ll be holding our annual Chesapeake Chapter Holiday and Awards Dinner at the Engineer’s Club of Baltimore. In honor of our 20th Anniversary we have a special program in store. We’ll be expanding our awards significantly this year and will of course be presenting our Systems Engineer of the Year (SEY) award. There will be an INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter 20th Anniversary cake cutting and as always we’ll be giving away door prizes to lucky winners throughout the event. Please join us for an evening of fine food and stimulating conversation with friends and colleagues. Be sure to sign up early and get in on all the festivities. I sincerely hope to see all of our membership in attendance this year.

To sign up for both the November Dinner Lecture and for the Holiday Awards Dinner please go here.

Next month I’ll be wrapping up my time at the helm for this column. I’ll summarize our Chapter’s accomplishments for 2014 and provide some parting thoughts. I look forward to it and I hope you all do to.

I’m always interested to hear from our membership so please feel free to contact me by email


Erik DeVito – INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter President

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19 Nov, (6:00 to 8:00): The Intersection of Neural Prosthetics and Advanced Robotics

Mike McLoughlin Mike McLoughlin,Chief Engineer for the Research & Exploratory Development Department

Presentation: Until recently, options for those who have suffered upper limb loss, through amputation or neurodegenerative disease have been very limited. For example, upper extremity amputees frequently decline to wear a conventional prosthetic due to the very limited functionality. Recent integration of advances in neuroscience, robotics and autonomy are now opening new options for neurally controlled prosthetics and assistive robots. Beyond prosthetics, the intersection of advances across multiple technical disciplines will provide the ability to intuitively control and interact with complex robotic systems, fundamentally changing our interactions with the machines around us. In this talk we will discuss some of these advances, show some examples of recent advances and discuss some of the challenges to the systems engineer and technical manager.

>>Check out the Event Flyer Here< <

The Engineer’s Club

It’s been a wonderful year of lectures, fellowship, and meals. Come celebrate our 20th anniversary as we recognize those who have helped us realize INCOSE’s mission to push SE out into the front of the public debate. Join us for an evening of fine food and stimulating conversation with friends and colleagues including the presentation of the System Engineer Of the Year Award.

>>Check out the Event Flyer Here< <

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