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21 Aug 2013: After Action Report: Laying a Secure Foundation for Mobile Devices

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Stephen Smalley Stephen Smalley

Mark Kaczmarek – INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Secretary
INCOSE Chesapeake saw more than 60 people fill Parsons Auditorium at JHU/APL for August’s lecture – a fascinating tour of securing mobile Android devices. This was not a discussion on new Apps for your Smart Phone, but a journey into the complexities that arise when providing a secure platform for hand-held communications to senior leadership with our three-letter-agency’s highest classification levels. Mr. Smalley demonstrated that to accomplish this feat, we must to go down to bare metal and start with the most secure OS, SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux, originally engineered by NSA and placed into the Open Source arena). Some vendors are now adopting SELinux as their OS for their mobile devices.
The challenge, of course, does not end there. Precise loading of Apps is needed to ensure that there is no data spillage between them. Mr. Smalley presented a method of using various VMs (Virtual Machines) as the best option to achieve the fortressing of functions and associated data.
These enhanced devices also have commercial potential to anyone who needs mobile security, from bankers to Wall Street executives. Mr. Smalley also took on questions from a few members of the crowd. Additionally, a door prize, a book titled Android Security, was raffled off at the conclusion of the lecture. Certainly, a most enjoyable and informational event.

Laying a Secure Foundation for Mobile Devices — Flyer

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