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21 September, 2013: After Action Report: An Introduction to Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML

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21 Sept 2013 – MSBE After Action Report

Mr. Sanford Friedenthal Mr. Sanford Friedenthal

Ted Carney – INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Staff Writer

Following his presentation on the current state and directions of Model–Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) at INCOSE Chesapeake’s July dinner/lecture, September 21st saw Mr. Sandford Friedenthal instruct a class of over 20 participants through an MBSE tutorial. The session featured overviews of MBSE, modeling fundamentals, and Systems Modeling Language (SysML™), as well as a discussion of the multidisciplinary integration of MBSE.

Mr. Friedenthal highlighted the principles and goals of MBSE, particularly the transition away from document-based approaches, and the robustness that full model integration can bring. His charts facilitated an interesting discussion amongst the audience about the “business case” for MBSE.

The SysML™ portion of the tutorial featured worthwhile guidance for SE’s of all levels. Attendees compared their own hand–drawn diagrams to SysML™ versions, the systems of interest being a flashlight and also a dishwasher. Requirements, structural, behavioral, and parametric diagrams were all discussed – the four pillars of SysML™.
We can’t fit the full depth of the tutorial here, as Mr. Friedenthal once again gave a fascinating tour of MBSE. Throughout the tutorial, and indeed through the SE industry today, the calling card of MBSE rings true: “MBSE is SE.”

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