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28 August, 2013: After Action Report: 4th Annual SEP Gala

by Communications Team on October 11, 2013  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Welby, Brown and Walden Stephen Welby, Barclay Brown, and David Walden

Ted Carney – INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Staff Writer

August 28th was a night to remember for Maryland SEP’s, as over 40 SEP’s and their guests gathered at the Engineer’s Club in Baltimore for INCOSE Chesapeake’s 4th annual SEP Gala. Attendees enjoyed cocktails, gourmet fare, and presentations from three invited speakers.

The speakers were David Walden, INCOSE Certification Program Manager; Barclay Brown, INCOSE Americas Assistant Director; and Stephen Welby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering.

David Walden presented attendees with a membership update. He highlighted the significantly upward trend of CSEP certification in recent years, as well as INCOSE membership figures. INCOSE is certainly the premier professional organization for the promotion of systems engineering.

Barclay Brown elaborated on what it means to be a systems engineer. His presentation included several YouTube clips involving feats of systems engineering – one clip featured a robotic arm with a twist! Brown emanated the enthusiasm that systems engineers derive from making things work together.

Fresh off his keynote at the INCOSE International Symposium in June, Mr. Stephen Welby was the night’s final speaker. He expressed how we rely on interconnected, deeply complex systems in nearly every part of our lives. Indeed, the systems engineer plays an increasingly critical role as technology advances with each passing day.

Another highlight of the evening was the recognition of two individuals who received their ESEP certifications this year: Kenneth Hopke and Ken Zemrowski. A truly significant achievement, the crowd congratulated the newest ESEP’s with much applause.

The SEP Gala has quickly become a noteworthy event, offering not only delicious food and grand atmosphere, but unique professional networking, distinguished guest speakers, and deserved celebration.

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