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2nd Annual Systems Engineering Professional Gala

by Communications Team on September 10, 2011  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

On September 7, 2011 the Engineers Club of Baltimore was invaded by a cadre of Systems Engineering Professionals (SEPs) of the associate, certified, and expert variety.  The setting within the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion was elegant and occasion was celebratory as these SEPs were honored for their achievement. Drinks, Dinner and Dessert were suitably delicious in such a venue. Discussions, conversation and discourse abounded between the 50 participants.  Not just SEPs but Chesapeake Chapter Board Members and past presidents, past System Engineers of the Years, and assorted spouses and significant others as well.

Thomas at CSEP Gala

John Thomas speaking at the 2nd Annual CSEP Gala

After the dinner and during dessert, the first speaker Mr. Stephen P. Welby; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering, opened the ceremony by remarking how appropriate this celebration was occurring in the Engineers Club where a multitude of different Engineering disciplines are represented and Systems Engineering, the youngest of them all, is the engineering cross domain integrator. He went on to discuss DoD’s challenges in the practice and profession of systems engineering and commended INCOSE for creating –ACQ extension for the SEPs. This extension is based on the Defense Acquisition Guidebook SE chapters and provides equivalence to the DAWIA Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SPRDE) level 2.  He continued explaining the need to rethink what makes a great engineer: Breath across domains; Depth in experience and expertise; and Capability of leadership.  He challenged the SEPs in the room to take their certificates and “Go Do Great Things.”

Next the four Maryland ESEPs where honored for their specific accomplishment in earning such a prestigious certification.  David  Fadeley, Karl  Geist, Stephen  Sutton, and Mark Walker each received a citation and special INCOSE Chesapeake Coin on a ribbon.

John Thomas, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton and President Elect on the INCOSE Board of Directors, gave an inspiring speech on how systems engineers “Do Great Things” by solving complex problems. He pointed out how the US Space Program which consists of many and various complex sub-systems (shuttle, launch, control, tracking, communications, research and operation support) all help build “National Branding.” And look how the Singapore Water System (collection, distribution, storage, purification, tracking, flow management and quality) leads to ‘National Sovereignty.” He went on to explain that it is the SEPs that break down barriers; get the job done; collaborate; solve the problem; own the mission and are the most resourceful. He expressed his pride in knowing that each SEP, by receiving their certification, is an Systems Engineer that “walks the talk.”

Overall the program was a huge success with inspiring speeches, the ability to mingle with peers, and to be able to celebrate one of the most important professions in the world.  All due to the programs committee’s hard work and attention to detail.  Specially Erik DeVito, the event coordinator, who did an outstanding job of managing the logistics that go into such an event. Well done.

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