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9 April, 2013: Special Event at UMCP, The Future of Energy Initiative

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Donald York, Past President, INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter

After Action Report: INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter’s own Dr. Alex Pavlak, Dr. Harry Winsor and Mr. John Rudesill gave a special presentation on the Chapter’s Future of Energy Initiative to University of Maryland systems engineering students and faculty on Tuesday, April 9th. The presentation was attended by an attentive audience who found value in the presented approach and the goals of the project. Fossil fuel for the planet will someday run out. Dr. Pavlak spoke about what systems engineering teaches us about the energy frontier and how we need a systems engineering approach for finding a long term solution to the energy problem. The speakers spoke at length about wind and nuclear energy, addressing both the unrealistic and realistic expectations of these alternatives. As good systems engineers, the speakers took a life cycle approach and looked at the goals, system concepts, design drivers, constraints and performance but also considered cost and disposal among other system parameters. At the end of the meeting, the presenters were peppered with numerous questions about consideration of other energy alternatives including fuel cells, recycled energy and blended energy solutions. The University of Maryland and the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter look forward to an ongoing active and productive association for future joint activities.

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