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April 20, 2011: Defending Software Applications from Threats

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Spraycar Speaking Dr. Spraycar’s lecture was more focused on the software side of Systems Engineering and the vulnerabilities of software applications. As Systems Engineers we are all familiar with the three legs of Program Management … cost, schedule and quality (or performance)… but we need to think about adding a fourth leg … Security. And just like Quality Assurance (QA), we find Security is usually given very little attention by program management. And just like QA, we need to start thinking about “Building In” Security from the beginning, not just inspecting for compliance later.

When it comes to using the Internet it’s good to keep in mind, “Nobody’s safe” as so eloquently put by Dr. Spraycar. He even showed a very revealing survival time line for various operating systems as they are placed onto the Internet and the time it takes for them to come under attack. A Windows machine takes less then 2 hours. (See SANS Internet Storm Center)

Dr. Spraycar went into — aspects of Application Code Analysis to reduce operational risk — showed the top 25 most dangerous errors leading to vulnerabilities — and the concern of “Technology Debt”.

>>Want to know more then download the slides HERE<<

Thanking Spraycar
Dr. Spraycar receives a prestigious Chapter coin from our Programs Director, Don York..
Another successful meeting with over 40 attendees. People ate, mingled, networked and learned. Some even winning door prizes. Join us next month for another exciting meeting. Don’t miss out.

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