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April 21, 2010: DoD’s perspective on SE Standards and Guides

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Dinner Meeting

Thanks Dave for a job well done

George Anderson thanks Dave Griffith.

At the April 21, 2010, Membership meeting: George Anderson, Chesapeake Chapter President, thanks David Griffith for his long and distinguished service on the Board of Directors.

“David has asked to step down after serving over three consecutive terms as chapter treasurer and has chosen this time to hand over the reins. He has been doing so much more than the treasurer’s job that his absence will be sorely noted ” said Mr. Anderson. David said that he intends to remain engaged with INCOSE after leaving the Board. In wishing him well, Mr. Anderson concluded: “We all hope that you will continue to attend the membership meetings that you have done so much to make a continuing success.”

In a later communication, the President released this statement to the membership:

In accordance with the Chapter bylaws, David Griffith’s interim replacement will be determined by the Board of Directors and will serve until annual elections are held in the fall. The President expects to announce the new treasurer on Monday, May 3, 2010, The announcement will be posted on the Chapter Website.

Lecture: The Focus of DoD’s AT&L Systems Engineering Office in the Area of SE Standards and Guides

Gantzer in front of slide

Presented by:

Donald J. Gantzer
Senior Systems Engineer DDR&E/SE Mission Assurance SE Support Office [SESO-SAIC]

Mr. Gantzer provided a very informative and interactive discussion on DoD SE Standards . You know the audience is fully engaged when it takes 30 minutes just to get through the first ten slides. It seems the mandatory requirement of “competitive prototypes” provoked a lot of commentary from the participants. But Mr. Gantzer persevered and was able to get through all 35 slides before his allotted time was up. Best part of the presentation — “Systems engineering is now recognized in law.” What a great headline. As well as comforting thought — to know our profession is now legal. But on the serious side, it does represent the ongoing need for System Engineers within the DoD Acquisition process. We want to thank Mr. Gantzer for the instructive and enlightening brief.

If you missed the presentation or want to relive the experience once again you can download the presentation slidesGantzer Presentation here.

Subsequent to the meeting Mr. Gantzer provided us with two reports which tried to explain why DoD felt justified to issue such a radical change to its Acquisition Policy.

Pre-Milestone A and Early-Phase Systems Engineering: A Retrospective Review and Benefits for Future Air Force Systems Acquisition
Report on Systemic Root Cause Analysis of Program Failures

Announcement flyer with Bio information

2010_04_21 Dinner Conversation

During the dinner, conversations were many and varied among our members.

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