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August 17, 2011: The Deming of America

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Business First

All BusinessThe INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter’s August 17, 2011 meeting was well attended with 37 for dinner and 50 for the documentary. Never underestimate the power of free pizza. Several business items were attended to prior to the main event.

  • Ballots for the vote to change the Chapter’s Bylaws were issued to all the Chesapeake Chapter members in attendance. George Anderson explained that the proposal was to allow electronic voting of officers for the Board of Directors. As well as to move the time-frame of the voting to September. After the meeting the votes were counted and the proposal passed overwhelming — 31 voting for the Bylaw change and only 1 against.
  • George also reminded the members that Election for next year’s Board of Directors is approaching fast and nominations will continue to be accepted until September 1st. All Chapter members in good standing are encouraged to run for any open position.
  • Don York discussed upcoming events such as next months Agile Systems Engineering with Dr. Suzette Johnson; a special tutorial called “Practical Concepts for Model Based Systems Engineering” presented by Vitech Corporation on September 17th. He also announced that November will be the much anticipated PMI/INCOSE panel to be held at the UMBC Technology Center
  • Past President Glenn Townson announced that October ISSA International Conference will have Keith Alexander as a speaker. INCOSE members get a discount as explained in the flyer he provided to the chapter.

Movie: The Deming of America

Petty Interviewing Deming
Don York, Programs Director, introduced this rarely seen documentary of Priscilla Petty interviewing the legendary Dr. W. Edwards Deming. The amazing part was his insistence in taking into account the whole SYSTEM! That boundaries are all inclusive — from the customer, the workers and their families, and even the companies leadership. His goal — “Optimize the System! Everybody gains, no losers”

The interview was punctuated by brief remarks from leaders from GM, Ford, Xerox, GE Aircraft Engines, P&G, and the Navy, all who learned from Deming,  show how he affected their thinking about their lives and provided a new “world view” based on a Systems Approach.

Dr. Deming said, “Pay is not a Motivator” – the main principle behind the book, Daniel H. Pink’s book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”

Another great quote: “Stop worrying about competitors but focus on your customers and expanding the market.”

The door prizes included DVDs of a Deming lecture at APL back the 1980s. We want to thank APL/JHU for such a generous donation.

EXTRA: In 1984, General Motors and Toyota opened NUMMI as a joint venture. Toyota showed GM the secrets of its production system: How it made cars of much higher quality and much lower cost than GM achieved. BUT GM didn’t learn the lessons—until it was too late. Listen to the “This American Life” podcast.

2011_08_17 Collage

The free pizza was flowing as was the conversations. The movie was thought provoking and provided even more conversation afterwards. Many new faces were in the crowd and they got see firsthand the many networking opportunities during these INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter events.

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