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August 3, 2010: INCOSE speaks with the Systems Engineers at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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On Tuesday August 3, 2010, The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center held their monthly Systems Engineering Seminar. Two special guests from INCOSE were on hand to speak to the attendees. First, the President Elect of INCOSE John Thomas talked about the organization, its structure and the various benefits that INCOSE provides to the membership. He went on to highlight his goals for elevating the Systems Engineering career field during his term. The incoming president also discussed INCOSE’s certification program and conferred to the audience the various levels of certification that can be pursued.

Following Mr. Thomas was none other than the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter’s current sitting president George Anderson. George, in his introduction, spoke about his prolific background and the Systems Engineering work he did with the National Traffic Safety Board as a member of the Major Aircraft Accident Investigation Team. The main focus of his brief was to introduce the audience to the Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE. George discussed many aspects of what the Chesapeake Chapter does for the membership. Including, the monthly dinner lectures, various webinars, training opportunities, as well as the annual holiday dinner. He displayed the current membership stats and talked at length about the monthly newsletter. He furthered that the Chesapeake Chapter had just reached a significant milestone in the formation of the Student Division. This was, he said, accomplished with help from their co-sponsor Johns Hopkins University and the hard work of the student officers. Mr. Anderson closed with a montage of pictures taken from various dinner lecture meetings. There were many happy, smiling members for the crowd to see.

George wrapped up and then Mr. Thomas took the stage once again to close the seminar. The President Elect discussed “The Need for Systems Engineering in Technology Development Programs”. It was an informative and useful presentation that highlighted the need for strong Systems Engineering leadership and effective technology evolution paths for the development of critical systems components. The seminar curator Tom Bagg of NASA (also a Chesapeake Chapter member) thanked the gentleman and presented them with certificates of appreciation for their efforts.

Download John Thomas presentation slides Thomas Presentation here.

Download George Anderson presentation slides Anderson Presentation here.

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Visit the GSFC SE Seminar Homepage for future Systems Engineering events. GFSFC also has a page dedicated to past presentations. You’ll need to scroll down to the August 3, 2010 entry to see the link to the Videocast Archive.

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