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Chesapeake Chapter Wins Platinum Award

Adelaide Australia, Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Platinum Circle Award

On Wednesday, prior to the plenary session at the INCOSE International Symposium 2017, Chesapeake Chapter Past President for 2016, Ellie Gianni, received the Platinum Circle Award on behalf of the Chapter Board of DIrectors. This award took into consideration chapter operations for the entire previous year of chapter operations.

Local chapters play an essential role in the achievement of INCOSE’s goals and objectives. Far more than local administrative units, chapters are performing units that organize a multitude of professional and social programs, conduct membership recruitment and retention drives, support technical activities striving to advance the state and art of systems engineering, and market INCOSE as the international authoritative body on systems engineering. Through the annual chapter awards program, INCOSE has the opportunity to recognize the valuable contributions of individual INCOSE chapters as they strive to enrich, educate, and enlighten the INCOSE membership while improving recognition of INCOSE and the systems engineering profession.

To best encourage and incentivize activities at the local level, a chapter awards program should acknowledge all contributions worthy of recognition. As such, the annual awards program includes the Platinum Circle, Gold Circle , Silver Circle , and Bronze Circle awards to recognize all chapters that meet and exceed INCOSE’s standards for local service and contributions. To acknowledge the special effort required to significantly improve an INCOSE chapter, the awards program establishes the Director’s Award for Most Improved Chapter. Finally, to provide meaningful recognition of chapter excellence, INCOSE presents annually the President’s Award for Outstanding Chapter.

The goals of this program are to:

All awards are administered by the Chapters Committee and awarded annually. The awards recognize chapter performance on a calendar year basis (January-December).