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December 16, 2010: Chesapeake Chapter’s 2010 Holiday Party

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A Celebration in the Snow

Thursday, December 16, 2010 was an important date on our chapter calendar.  Five months of preparation by our entertainment committee chaired by Erik Devito and assisted by all members of the BOD had focused on our Holiday reception scheduled at the Engineers Club in Baltimore.  Menus, prizes, a jazz ensemble, flowers, mansion tours and an enhanced awards schedule all awaited the 77 guests who were planning to attend.  In a departure from our normal practice, we had reached out to our supporters and other engineering chapters and invited them to help us celebrate.

Snow and ice began to affect our plans around 9:00 AM as reports of bad to horrible driving conditions began to come in.  The leadership team considered all the factors and recognizing the risks, unanimously agreed to continue with the celebration.   While we realized that the attendance would be affected, the liabilities of a postponement seemed the worst of two unpleasant choices.  Besides, Holiday parties are best enjoyed when its wintry assuming we could get there.

York Recieves SEY 2010The timeline slid back about an hour as almost everyone sat in lines of traffic but finally we experienced a pleasant arrival to a warm and festive mansion with large roaring fireplaces, festive decorations and a room full of our friends and guests.  Yes, 47 members and spouses attended.

The guests chatted in the massive drawing room while the jazz ensemble played in the background and folks sorted out what refreshments were best suited to the festive air.

An anxious Erik Devito, urged everyone to the Ballroom nearly on schedule to insure that the menu of Beef Tenderloin and Crab Cakes was served at its best from the kitchen.

The meal began after a solemn invocation and prayer by Glenn Gilaspey and continued until Chapter President George Anderson began the ceremony to recognize and present awards to members and affiliates of the chapter.

The System Engineer Of the Year Award was presented to Dr. Donald York by Carol Hutchinson, the SEY awards Chair.

Next on the agenda was the presentation of the Past President’s lapel pin to Glenn Townsend.   George Anderson thanked Glenn for his leadership and dedication to the Chapter and fellow board members throughout three years of service.  Anderson concluded by saying that Glenn had also been most helpful in advising him in making timely and important decisions.


All members of the chapter board of directors received a new award this year.  To commemorate their service each was presented a coin displaying the Chapter logo and on the reverse side their name and position.

special President’s award A special President’s award was initiated this year and the recipient was Paul Martin, Communications Director.  The award consisting of a blue Maltese cross beneath a flying blue heron.  The cross symbolizing the higher calling to charitable service, and, the heron symbolizing, the Chesapeake Chapter moving forward to greater challenges.

The president presented an engraved desk trophy to our past Treasurer, David Griffith, and praised him for his dedication to the Chapter.

Erik Devito, and David Alldredge received similar trophies as the first committee volunteers to assist and work closely with the BOD this year.

Past President and Camber Inc., Director, Anthony Gigioli, was presented a letter of appreciation by George Anderson, for Camber’s continuing support of the INCOSE mission.

Anderson Special Award

At the close of the ceremony, President Elect John Lewis presented outgoing President George Anderson, a trophy commemorating his service for the year.

George Anderson concluded the ceremony by stating that time did not permit an adequate description of all the accomplishments of the award winners and that some who were not there would receive their awards at the next membership meeting in January.

The rest of the evening was spent socializing, touring the mansion and congratulating the award recipients.

Well done everyone and a special thanks to all our members who believed in us and supported this year’s grand finale event.   We also hope our guests enjoyed the evening and will consider joining us in the future.

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