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INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter
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Wednesday, 7 December 2011
NEXT WEEK!! Chapter Holiday Party and Award Ceremony

It’s been a wonderful year of meals, lectures and fellowship. Come celebrate with us as we recognize those who have helped us realize INCOSE’s mission to push SE out into the front of the public debate. Join us for an evening of fine food and stimulating conversation with friends and colleagues.  Including the presentation of the System Engineer Of the Year Award

Location: Crofton Country Club

1691 Crofton Parkway Crofton, MD 21114

>>Download the Meeting Flyer Here<<

Dinner Cost: $45 per person Register by website: Credit card via PayPal, go to our >>Registration Page<<

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Presidents Corner

2011 and 2012 and Beyond

Lewis2011 has been a very good year for the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter (CC). The local CC chapter team and the international team have been working hard on implementing the INCOSE value proposition for you, the INCOSE CC member. This year, the INCOSE CC team has done an extraordinary job in all categories of that value proposition.

Member meetings have been exceptional, involving well known speakers and hot topics. Attendance remains in the 50-75 member range, more than twice the attendance of previous years. Topics have included Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), system architectures (DoDAF/UPDM), a joint meeting with the Project Management Institute, a Deming video, systems engineering certification, cloud computing, and agile systems engineering. Notable speakers have included John Thomas (INCOSE president elect) and Mr. Stephen P. Welby; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering. The flyers and after action reports for these meetings are available our new improved website. As always there are special thanks to JHUAPL, UMBC, and CyberCore for providing the meeting venue.

Less visible but equally important are the technicial working groups. For more than ten years, the Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM) working group has met monthly in the Kossiakoff center. The result has been new modeling techniques and the publication of the definitive OOSEM book. This is not a simple technology. OOSEM meetings will continue for years.

Other working groups come and go. Some focus on professional certification (eg, CSEP) and standardization (eg, ISO/IEC 15288). Others focus on specific phases of the life cycle from requirements through to disposal. Many INCOSE CC members participate in the international workshop, the international symposium, and other technical programs. The International Chapter has published systems engineering webinars. These resources are all documented at the INCOSE Intl website.

Do you want more details on INCOSE programs? Do you want to stay current with SE technology and techniques? Do you want to participate in SE working groups? Start with the INCOSE CC website, then proceed to our parent INCOSE International website. Read the e-newsletters. Search related web sites. Browse the web with a small team. Regardless of how you approach these web sites, these are key mechanisms for getting value from INCOSE. As always, suggestions are appreciated.

Holiday Awards Party
Every year we celebrate success with a special holiday/awards dinner. You are invited. Your significant other is invited. Professional friends are invited. This year we have another outstanding venue, the Crofton Country Club. Please come, relax, enjoy, network, and meet with friends. We will have door prizes, entertainment, and a fine menu: Classic Caesar (Salad); Garden Pasta (Salad); Chicken Chesapeake with Lump Crab (Entree); Roast Beef Au Jus (Entree); Roasted or whipped Potatoes; Seasonal vegetable; Home cooked rolls; Cakes and pastries; Coffee and Tea

The 2012 Team

On January 1, 2012, the new INCOSE BoD team will assume their positions.
    • President: Don York

    • President Elect: Bill Ewald

    • Past President: John Lewis

    • Treasurer: David Alldredge

    • Secretary: Mark Kaczmarek

    • Program director: Erik DeVito

    • Communications director: Paul Martin

    • Membership director: Janet Deery

Don’s position statement is published on our web site.
Don starts with the value theme: “As President of the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter, my goal is to bring value to the individual chapter member. Each of us has limited time and numerous commitments to many different things, both professional and personal.”

“First, I will work to ensure that the Chapter provides an environment that fosters professional development, collaboration and exchange.”

“Second, we operate in an age of information overload. I will work closely with the Chapter Program Director and Programs Committee to ensure that our presentation speakers, tutorials, panel discussions and other forums present timely and relevant topics that bring value to the individual member.”

“Third, I will work to ensure that the Chesapeake Chapter brings the individual member value by linking us to the larger INCOSE, INCOSE as an international organization.”

“Finally, I will be a good steward of the position of leadership that is entrusted to me and will work diligently to bring value to the individual members whom I serve. I look forward to serving as President of the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter.”

Enjoy the holidays. Share in the spirit of good cheer and good will. Then next year, as the INCOSE CC team, we can realize the INCOSE value proposition for our members and share our systems engineering knowledge in outreach to K-12 schools, students, other engineering programs such as ASME, new partners such as PMI, and other partners.

See you on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 at Crofton Country Club!!!


John Lewis, CC President,

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Visit our New Improved Website

New Web Site

Check it out. Read After Action Report to all our meetings for the past two years. Read our new Blog Section.
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Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge

A draft of the Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK version 0.5) was released in wiki format on  SEBoK 0.5 is currently open to worldwide review.  Please contribute! 


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Feature Article
Can Systems Engineering account for a corrupt heart?

By Paul Martin

CRH2 at Nanjing Railway StationI was reading a Washington Post editorial a few weeks back, dealing with the tragic events around the July 23rd train accident in China. What got me was the line:

“the government was forced to admit that a design flaw was partly to blame for the accident, and not only a lightning strike”

Looking into this further I found another article which details more issues:

“workers on duty were inadequately trained and had failed to notice or fix the malfunction.”

What concerns me is the idea that these design flaws and training failures could be caused by ”corruption accusations against high-ranking railway officials.” To be fair China has instituted system wide safety inspections and fired the officials under suspicion of corruption. So they are getting their house in order but my point of this article is to shed light on a seldom talked about topic in systems engineering circles: How do we, as Systems Engineering professionals, address the possible malfeasance of stakeholders??

>>Read More>>

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Did You Miss Last Month?

Systems Engineering vs. Program Management. Is there a conflict?

On November 16, 2011, the UMBC Technology Center was packed with Program Manager and System Engineering Professionals in the first time ever joint meeting between INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter and PMI Baltimore Chapter. Dr. Don York, PhD, P.E., CSEP, INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Programs Director, introduced the panel. Each panel member shared their thoughts on the question: "Differences and similarities in the roles of the Program Manager and the Systems Engineer. Who does what? Can one person do both?"

Panel Participants included:

  • Eric W. Perlstein, PMP, RMP, Supports the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services; President of the PMI – Baltimore Chapter
  • Jim Armstrong, CSEP, Industry Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Rick Hammond, PMP; Practice Manager, Business Performance Improvement, for UMBC Training Centers
  • David M. Fadeley, PE, PMP, ESEP, Principal Systems Engineer for Henggeler Consulting
  • Amber Roy, VP, Finance for PMI Baltimore Chapter, a PMP, and a Sr. Project Manager with FirstData
  • Stephen J. Sutton, P.E., ESEP, Director of the Systems Engineering Program at the Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland

Each gave their unique perspective on answering the question. Each discussed the need for better communications and cooperation.

>>Read More Details, and Download the Presentations ….

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In Vol.2 Issue 12

December 2011

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This is the monthly newsletter for INCOSE Chesapeake, a local chapter of INCOSE International. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a forum for professionals practicing the art and science of Systems Engineering in the Northern & Central Maryland & Southern Pennsylvania area.

Join INCOSE Today!

The Chesapeake Chapter is always looking for volunteers to speak at our upcoming meetings! Please contact our 2012 Programs Director, Mr. Erik DeVito, if you would like the opportunity to speak or can recommend someone.

The Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE is proud to recognize the following organizations for sponsoring our endeavors to expanding the understanding and appreciation of Systems Engineering in the local area:







Mark your Calendars with these upcoming Chapter events:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Gesture Recognition:
A Disruptive Technology?

Oct FlyerErik DeVito, CSEP – Acq: Both live and video demonstrations will be presented. See FLYER for more info.

January 21-24, 2012 International Workshop (IW2012) 

Discover Systems EngineeringSE
Read the current issue free on-line for a limited time:
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Copyright (c) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc., A Wiley Company

  • A new systems engineering approach for a Socio-Critical System: A case study of claims-payment failures of Japan’s insurance industry (pages 349–363)
  • COIM: An object-process based method for analyzing architectures of complex, interconnected, large-scale socio-technical systems (pages 364–382)
  • Executable system architecting using systems modeling language in conjunction with colored Petri nets in a model-driven systems development process (pages 383–409)

As a member of INCOSE you have online Access to the current and past issues of The Journal of Systems Engineering via the Wiley InterScience site. Search the archives and download papers of interest. Registration on the Wiley site is required. Instructions for accessing the SE Journal can be found in INCOSE Connect

With Connect you can also download INSIGHT Vol 14 Issue 3: September 2011
INCOSE’s Twentieth-First Annual International Symposium

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This Newsletter is to serve our members and is open to all for contributions. Do you have an interesting idea for an article? A review of a new book related to engineering? Let us know. We’d love to hear about. It may wind up in a future issue of our Newsletter.

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Local SE Training

Preparing for the Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) Exam

Obtaining a CSEP is not easy, but that’s what makes it so valuable. You have to demonstrate your real world experience via a lengthy application and three references. Then you need to pass a two-hour, 120-question, multiple-choice exam. The courses listed below will help prepare potential candidates for this demanding process by becoming familiar with the INCOSE SE Handbook version 3.2 which is the basis for the examination.

CSM Logo
1934 Old Gallows Road;
Suite 350;
Tysons Corner,VA 22182 – 703.226.8042

CSEP Prep …..……….Dec. 6 – 8

Course Outlines
Request course outlines by emailing us at Please indicate which outline you are requesting in the e-mail header.

For more opportunities see our Chapter’s Website Education Page for more information.

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INCOSEKeep up with the latest news and events. Find out about our new Board of Directors. Explore our extensive library of previous lectures from our Monthly Dinner Meetings. Learn of the Benefits of Joining INCOSE. Check out Systems Engineering education in the local area. All this and more awaits you at our INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Website.

For any comments or suggestions about this newsletter please e-mail our President, John Lewis or our Communications Officer, Paul Martin. We value your feedback.

Board of Director Officers, 2011
– President: D
r. John Lewis
– Past President: Mr. George Anderson
– President Elect: Dr. Don York
– Treasurer: Mr. Glenn Gillaspy
– Secretary: Mr. Bob Berkovits
Directors at Large
– Communications: Mr. Paul Martin
– Programs: Dr. Donald York
– Membership Committee: Ms. Bhanumati Sunkara

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