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INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Judges 2 Science & Engineering Fairs

by Communications Team on March 29, 2014  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

The INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter (INCOSE-CC) provided four volunteer judges at 2 Science and Engineering Fairs in Anne Arundel County and Baltimore. Science fairs are great opportunities for INCOSE members to give back to the community by encouraging and supporting our local schools in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) areas.

The science fairs also help advance INCOSE to a broader community including the parents, students, sponsors, and other judges.

Some Observations:

  • Some high school students are working at levels far higher than their peers
  • One of our colleagues from the Army Research Laboratory volunteered that one or two students are already working at the PhD level.
  • As a whole, students are enthusiastic and address the basics of conducting a science & engineering project….we need to encourage and support these efforts.
  • Several high school students would be very good interns in a company with a science or engineering environments.
  • At the award ceremonies, and during our judging of selected student projects, we have an opportunity to briefly summarize what INCOSE is about.
  • The grand prize winner will travel to the INTEL International Science fair in Los Angeles (all expenses paid) in May.

The specifics for each fair are:

A. Anne Arundel County Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Date & Location: March 8, North County HS
INCOSE-CC Judges: Don Gantzer, George Anderson, Bob Berkovits
Projects attending: 300 projects in 17 categories
Projects evaluated: 10 projects in 3 categories with precursors to SE-like activities.
Winners selected:

  • 1st [$125] – Elena Downs Perez, Latitude with Attitude: a Mathematical Model [Energy category]
  • 2nd [$100] – Jason Kahn, Aerodynamics of Winglets [Physics category]
  • 3rd [$75] – Determining the Type of Rock Form [Physics category]

Other good projects reviewed included: “Does Bridge Design Effect Load Bearing Capacity?”, “Bristle Bots”, “Effect of Mass on Glide Ratio”, “What Happened to The Wi- Fi?”, and “How Does Prop Pitch Affect Speed?”

B. Baltimore Science Fair

Date & Location: March 22, Towson U. [includes Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, Howard counties]
INCOSE – CC Judges: Don Gantzer, Kent de Jong
Projects attending: 200 projects in 2 categories [Physical and Biological].
Projects evaluated: 15 projects in the Physical category.

There were 2 types of Judging: Sponsored [e.g., Northrop Grumman, ASQ, AIAA] and Independent judges [e.g., INCOSE-CC, JHU/APL, UMD, UMBC, U.S. Army, Raytheon, NSA, NIH]

Winners selected:

  • 1st [$125] Elyse Guttuk, Fan Effects on Smoke Detectors
  • 2nd [$100] Caroline Boone, Harnessing Wave Power
    •Ms. Boone appeared to win the most awards!
  • 3rd [$75] Sabahat Fatima, Catching the Sun with an Azimuth Solar Tracker
    • Ms. Fatima also won many awards
  • Honorable Mention Charles Cannon, Solar Energy

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