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IW2012: Chesapeake Report

by Communications Team on January 29, 2012  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Report from Paul Martin, ESEP

Paul Martin, ESEP — Enjoying IW2012

This is beginning to be a good year for me from a Systems Engineering perspective.

  • First: My application was approved and I’m an official Expert Systems Engineer Professional (ESEP). Sweet.
  • Second:  My company, Serco-NA, has signed up to be on the INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) and the appointed me to be representative. Nice.

Because of my CAB representation responsibilities I got to go to the 2012 International Workshop in Jacksonville, Florida.
The Worksop is different than INCOSE’s annual International Symposium in that there are no paper, panel or tutorial presentations but instead a real focus on the Working Groups in the hopes of advancing systems engineering state of the art. The Workshop also helps us get an insight into the INCOSE organization. The first order of business was a changing of the guard as the previous President (Samantha Robitaille) said good-bye and the new President (John Thomas) gave an Inaugural Speech where he explained his desire to see more “Domain Diversity” and “External Organizational Collaboration” within INCOSE.  (It should be noted that John Thomas is a past president of the Chesapeake Chapter as well as one of the first to receive our Systems Engineer of the Year award.) After the new Board of Directors was installed, several committee chairs, associate directors, and working group leaders provided status of their efforts. After this Opening Plenary was finished, the CAB meeting and Working Groups began in earnest.  This was more than sitting back and listening to speakers drone on about their latest theories. No, it was a “roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work” type meetings. Very intellectual stimulating and satisfying to be on the forefront of systems engineering thought and practice.

In between the meetings were wonderful meals and several receptions, one for SEPs and another for the INCOSE Foundation, which flowed with wine, appetizers and conversation. It was good to be surrounded by people from your profession of choice. It’s inspirational and encouraging to be part of a group of people who want Systems Engineering to be front and center, taking on the most challenging issues that face the planet today.

Bottom Line: It was a worthwhile trip and I want to encourage you to go to the next Workshop. It’s a great way to contribute to our noble profession.

Tim Heath, CSEP at the 2012 INCOSE International Workshop in Jacksonville, Florida

Some of the observations from Tim Heath, CSEP, Northrop Grumman Corporation.

  • I felt the Workshop was a better venue for networking in comparison to the previous Symposium I attendeed. I think this was due to the reduced attendance, a more activity driven agenda, and the numerous sessions/events geared specifically towards networking.
  •  I do concur with one of Paul Martin’s remarks, not only was the MBSE session “hands-on”, it was also leading edge. Work performed by this group drives changes to OMG specifications through a very efficient feedback loop and couldn’t be achieved without the close collaboration between OMG and INCOSE to help drive this new way of practicing SE.
  •  I was really interested to hear the things John Thomas had to say about the 2012 mission to increase the branding and value proposition associated with becoming a Certified Systems Engineer. INCOSE is unique in offering this type of certification and I feel it’s very important that industry, government, academia, and others understand the value behind SE certification.

This is just few of our chapter member’s perspective. Did you go?? What did you experience or learn? Leave a comment below or send an e-mail to our Communications Officer  — — with your write-up and we’ll add it to this post.

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