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January 19, 2011: Engineering Clean Energy Systems

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Our first meeting for 2011 started with a large crowd and a great meal of wonderfully spicy curry chicken and rice. The new President, John Lewis, did a quick review of the Chapter’s website and encouraged feedback into improving our communication.

Awards on Jan 19, 2011
John Lewis, our new President, presented several awards to individuals who missed the Holiday Awards Banquet. Mark Kaczmarek and Steve Biemer for their work in starting the Student Chapter. And Jim Peter for his untiring efforts as liaison to JHU/APL for which we are so grateful.

2011_01_19 BoD Install

The installation of the Board of Directors for this year occurred with the help of Jim Armstrong an INCOSE International representative. New Board members include John Lewis (President) , George Anderson (Past President), Gundars Osvalds (President-Elect), and Glenn Gillaspy (Treasurer). other Board member still serving in their two year terms are: Robert Berkovits (Secretary), Bhanumati Sunkara (Membership Director), Paul Martin (Communications Officer) and Don York (Programs Director).

Once promises and pledges were made by both the Board and the chapter members in attendance, we started the evening’s presentation.

Lecture: Engineering Clean Energy Systems

2011_01_19_Dr. Pavlak SpeakingDr. Pavlak started his talk on “How to Develop Clean Energy Systems” by asking who believed in Global Warming and who did not. Surprisingly, it was half and half. And even though this is a controversial topic it turns out it really doesn’t matter when it comes to the need for a strategic solution for developing clean energy systems. No matter what camp people are in there is universal agreement that a better United States Energy Policy is needed. However there is difficulty in separating the technology from the politics. A national will must be present in order to succeed. After all it took France 40 years to build a grid that is 80% nuclear and surely the United States could do the same. All it needs is a national commitment.

Dr. Pavlak went on to show some analyze on several alternatives/solutions. Nuclear, Geothermal and Wind Scenarios where explored. He explained the notion that “we don’t need a system integrator, the markets will do it” is nonsense. The Governance Model required the architect to be President Obama, the Technical Integrator to be DOE and the Client to be Congress.

Check it out by downloading the presentation slides Pavlak Presentation here.

A very thought provoking lecture as evident by the many meaningful and significant questions asked afterwards. The door prizes included the book Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future by Robert Bryce and a Baltimore Raven’s travel bag.

Dr. Pavlak given a small token of thanks

Don York, Programs Director, presents Dr. Pavlak a small token of thanks, a 2GB thumb drive, for providing such an educational evening.


With such a great start for 2011 it looks to be another great year for the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter. Please join us next month.

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