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Jobs Networking

by Mark Kaczmarek on March 20, 2014  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   




Job Seekers Assistance



Greetings to job seeking engineers in the Baltimore & Washington DC area. This blog is
intended to assist those looking for work. One of the best methods for jobs
seekers is NETWORKING. And to help facilitate this effort, INCOSE CC is
planning to have a manned table at the monthly dinner events to help with these
connections. Now, since everyone may not be able to attend in one of the INCOSE
CC events, this blog can serve as a conduit for seekers as well as
organizations that have openings to be able to post basic contact information.

To start, here is the INCOSE Job Seeker section, accessible to non-members as well =>

At one point, there were over 600 worldwide positions listed. I encourage those
organizations that have openings to consider posting them onto the INCOSE site
for worldwide exposure.

I will start a separate thread to contain a link to all popular job posting web sites. The
intent here is to have job seekers provide their opinions on certain sites if
they feel that site is most helpful. Also, sites that seem difficult to use or
have stale info can be reported since that would help your fellow job seekers
to be more tactical in their search.

Another area that can be very useful is the free Professional web site LinkedIn =>

This will help you to connect with old colleagues as well as one’s that may be with an organization you are targeting.








Interested in (type/field)

Mark Kaczmarek

(301) 947-4072

Sr. Systems Architecting


Bob Bourdelaise

(443) 850-9984


David Johnston

(301) 351-4884

Sr. Sys Eng


Mamadou Faye

(240) 643-2194

Entry Sys Eng


Binyam Abeye

(443) 854-7800

Sys Eng


Soroush Bassam

(240) 278-1814

Cyber Physical Sys – SE

Glenda Sisson

(240) 462-3193

Systems Engineering

Paul Martin, ESEP

(301) 455-6576

Systems Engineering/Architecting

Steve Milhiser

(240) 505-4988

Sys Eng/Test Eng

Bob Berkovits

(410) 990-1672

SE, EMC, E3, Integration




Org Name

Web Site

Specific Reqs and POC info


Johns Hopkins – APL


See web site for applying


University of MD

UMD Engineering

Assoc Prof of MBSE opening POC – Steve Sutton




Contact Mark Walker


ACC – Automation Career Consultants


Contact Jami Kirkwood


KaRDS Cyber Solutions, LLC


Contact Felicia Sauer

ERT – Earth Resources Technology Inc.


Contact Fred Shaw

CyberCore Technologies


Various Eng Pos – POC: Carter Smith



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