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June 15, 2011: Systems Engineering & the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM)

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Our June 2011 meeting started with our president, John Lewis, talking about how effective our programs have been this year — including tonight’s lecturer, Matthew Hause — all because of the dedicated efforts of our Programs Director, Don York. John also encouraged everyone to come out to the July 20th meeting where we have the honor of hosting the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering, Mr. Stephen P. Welby, discussing some challenges to the practice and profession of systems engineering within the Department of Defense (DoD).

Hutchinson Carol Hutchinson, the chairman of the Evaluation Committee for the chapter’s Systems Engineer of the Year (SEY), announced that the committee is accepting nominations for the SEY. Read about the criteria, due dates, download the nomination forms and the application itself at the chapter’s SEY webpage >>HERE<<.

The UPDM Lecture

Hause SpeakingWe all moved to the auditorium where Matthew Hause started his talk. He explained how all models are meant to answer questions but the challenge is the “abstraction problem.” DoD, as well as the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD), wanted to move away from “PowerPoint” architecture and wanted to start using models with real data behind the “pretty pictures.” Looking to INCOSE and the Object Management Group (OMG) to help solve this problem, an initiative was started to provide a consistent, standardized means to describe architectures in SysML/UML-based tools as well as a standard for interchange. Thus the concept for a Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF, or UPDM, was born. Mr. Hause went on to explain the details of UPDM such as parametrics, blocks, complex ports, enhanced activity modeling, and cross-cutting constructs. He also went into a detail example of a Yacht in Distress.

Download his presentation
>> HERE<<

At the end of the lecture, Erik DeVito, a member of the Programs Committee, thanked Mr. Hause with a 4GB thumb drive and then helped with the raffling of a door prize, Modeling Enterprise Architectures by Jon Holt and Simon Perr. Only to find out he had the winning ticket!. Randomness can be quite surprising at times.
The evening was filled with conversations over the delightful meal, and an informative and meaningful lecture. Another successful meeting can be added to our chapter’s history archive.

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