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May 18, 2011: Internet Weather Report: Increasing Cloudiness, Chance of Storms

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Lessons in Cloud Philosophy

Foxwell SpeakingOn May 18th 2011 the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter abandoned our normal JHU/APL tradition and accepted an invitation to one of our sponsors to hold our meeting at their facilities. CyberCore Technologies, graciously provided office/warehouse space as well as catered the event with appetizers and food. Chris Mills, President of CyberCore Technologies welcomed everyone. The attendance was more than double our normal number with over 80 friends, family and colleagues joining us to hear one of the premier experts in Cloud Computing discuss the challenges facing the Information Technology community with advent of this new paradigm.

Harry J. Foxwell, Ph.D.; Principal Consultant; Oracle Corp, is a self proclaimed Cloud Philosopher. He explained why he titled his lecture “Internet Weather Report: Increasing Cloudiness, Chance of Storms.” The Cloud is inevitable, however trouble will come as well, as we struggle to define and implement the framework. It’s almost like going back to the 1950’s Mainframe concept however this time around NIST is leading the way in defining Cloud Computing as well setting standards but it’s still in its infancy. NIST is trying to explain Who is in Control and Who can see What, all within a provider/customer relationship. This leads to an acronym soup-du-jour surrounding the Cloud — SaaS, PaaS, IaaS — all based on Services. Even as this ground work is being laid the specter of Security is a driving concern. As hard as these challenges are to address, the Cloud phenomena cannot be stopped. The energy savings benefit alone makes this a worthy endeavor. The Government is insisting on its use through their IT contracts. Customers can start using Cloud services today, available through a plethora of companies. Standards still need to be set, Security needs to be strengthened and a faster Internet must be built, but the Cloud is here to stay.

>> Want to see what else Harry Foxwell had to share? Then download the slides HERE<<

Our meeting at CyberCore Technologies was a rousing success. More then 80 attendees enjoyed good food and drink and a great lecture. We want to thank Chris Mills, President of CyberCore Technologies for this great opportunity.

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