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May 19, 2010: Risk Profile for NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle

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Dinner Meeting

Thomas and Alexander

Our president, George Anderson, started the meeting by introducing several guests:

  • John Thomas, the INCOSE President Elect (President in 2012). John gave us some insight on how the cities for the Annual INCOSE International Symposium are chosen.
  • Matthew Alexander is leading the charge to institute a local INCOSE student chapter.
  • Mr. Glenn Gillaspy, our new interim Treasurer and new member of the board appointed to replace David Griffith whose resignation was announced at the last membership meeting. Glenn impressed upon us the importance of everyone participating, even in small ways, in order to strengthen the chapter.

Lecture: Risk Profile for NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle

Dr. Paul Mahata gave the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter an in depth lecture on developing a risk profile using the Delphi technique. The subject of the study was NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) system concept. Working with Subject Matter Experts in various fields, Dr. Mahata and his team developed 14 very specific questions which covered the whole gamut of SE concerns. They found the Delphi technique was easy to apply and very cost effective.

At the end of the meeting Dr. Mahata mentioned that just a few days ago, on May 12, 2010, Neil Armstrong testified to the Senate Commerce Committee about his concerns with the President Obama’s new vision for the future of human spaceflight. Dr. Mahata encouraged us to get involved by calling our congressman and representatives to express our opinions.

If you missed the presentation, or want to share it with your friends, you can download the presentation slides Mahata Presentation here.

Dr. Mahata’s paper which the presentation is based on can be downloaded Mahata paper here.

York shaking Dr. Mahata hand

At the end of the lecture, Programs Director Don York thanks Dr. Paul Mahata. As a gesture of our thanks, Dr. Mahata was given a Chesapeake Chapter mug and 4 GB thumb drive.

Dr. Mahata after lecture

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Paul Mahata continues the conversation with individual audience participants.

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