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Meet the Candidates Running for the 2012 Chesapeake Chapter BoD

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This year we have an early start on our nomination and election process. Every vacant position has been filled by multiple candidates.  Here is list of candidates:

Kurt Christensen
Erik DeVito
William Ewald
Will Harrison
Donald York
Alex Pavlak
David Alldredge
Paul Martin
Larry Corsa
Janet Deery
Mark Kaczmarek
Don Gantzer
Bhanumati Sunkara

Ballots were sent out on September 5th

The Bylaws were changed this year so we can have the election by e-mail. You should have received an e-mail containing a ballot. We used the e-mails (primary and secondary) you provided to INCOSE when you became a member.

If you haven’t received the ballot e-mail there may be many reasons:

  1. The e-mail could have went into your spam folder. Check it out and make sure it’s not there. Subject: 2012 Chesapeake Chapter Board of Directors Election Ballot
  2. Some e-mails are being returned because of “Non-existent address.” This will happen when the INCOSE records don’t show you’ve changed companies and do not have that e-mail address any longer.
  3. Some e-mail are being “Blocked.” Most likely because of a work firewall.

So if you haven’t gotten the e-mail with the 2012 Chesapeake Chapter Board of Directors Election Ballot then please contact the head of the Election Committee Chair,, 410-206-8285. Provide an accurate e-mail address and we’ll send you a ballot.

It’s very important that every Chesapeake Chapter member vote for the candidate of their choice.
The timetable for the election process is:

  • September 5, 2011 – Ballots sent to membership via email
  • September 20, 2011 – Ballot Submission Deadline
  • October 1, 2011 – Election results announced.
  • November 16, 2011 – Investiture ceremony for new Officers at the monthly membership meeting.
  • January 1, 2011 – New officers assume their duties on behalf of the chapter membership.
  • IEEE Member – From 1986 to 2003
  • INCOSE member since 2005 and has been the membership chair for Chesapeake chapter since 2006.
Meet the Candidates running for the 2012 Board of Directors.
Running for President Elect
Kurt Christensen
ChristensenKurt K. Christensen is a Senior Systems Engineer for EMerge ATS and is currently engaged in the development of a mission monitoring capability for a large system of systems. Mr. Christensen has over 25 years of systems and software development experience. He holds Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Management, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Mathematics. Mr. Christensen’s interests are in materials science, knowledge representation and indexing, sensory classification and response, and autonomous goal oriented control systems.Vision: Attract the best people you can, and engage them. Members provide strength. They must know they are valued. They must know how their efforts contribute to the whole… for the chapter… for INCOSE. They must be and feel empowered to take needed actions to promote good systems engineering. Nurture members to grow their own groups in kind.Quality is in the mind of the consumer. Excellent product and customer services must be the expected norm, not the pleasent surprise. Bad experiences are not quickly forgotten, therefore every project must be worked to assure best value to the customer.
William Ewald
EwaldBill Ewald has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Emory University. He has been a management consultant for the past 35 years concentrating his work with the RDT&E community – primarily with the Federal government. He shortly will be joining Johns Hopkins University as a full time faculty member. He served as a Board member of INCOSE for the last 14 years in a variety of positions. He is currently the CEO of the INCOSE Foundation and has worked to build the Chesapeake Chapter’s support of scholarships to engineering students in Maryland universities. He has been a member of the Chesapeake Chapter for more than a decade.Vision: I am a strong believer in the mission of INCOSE and its efforts to be the authoritative international advocate for the application of systems engineering and related disciplines in solving the most pressing problems facing society. I also believe the Chesapeake Chapter can play an increasingly influential role in realizing the INCOSE mission. We have a vibrant and growing chapter and have the potential to shape and influence systems engineering efforts in local, regional and international communities.The bedrock of our efforts should be the service to our members, and the leadership of the Chapter should be fully dedicated to this cause. Our current leadership team is doing a superlative job in this regard. It would be an honor to join the team as President-elect and to apply myself to whatever is necessary to advance the mission of INCOSE and our Chapter.
Donald YorkYork
Dr. Don York has over 33 years of professional experience in the areas of Mechanical and Systems Engineering. He has been an active member of INCOSE since 1994 formerly serving as co-chair of the Requirements Management Working Group. He is a licensed Professional Engineer, a Certified Systems Engineering Professional and holds a PhD in Information Technology Systems Engineering from George Mason University. His doctoral thesis was entitled: An Early Indicator to Predict Requirements Volatility. Dr. York has taught systems engineering at the graduate level at both George Mason University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He is currently a Technical Director and Senior Systems Engineer with TASC Inc. Prior to joining TASC, Dr. York was engaged in the development, engineering and deployment of leading edge technologies and systems at Sage Management, AT&T Bell Laboratories, the Westinghouse Research and Development Center, and Northrop Grumman Corp.Vision: As President of the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter, my goal is to bring value to the individual chapter member. Each of us has limited time and numerous commitments to many different things, both professional and personal. We manage our commitments in order to allocate our time to the things we want to do that bring us value and enjoyment. As President of the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter my goal is to make our chapter events among those things by ensuring that they bring a level of value that people want. What will bring value? I believe that the Chesapeake Chapter can provide value to Systems Engineering professionals in three key areas. First, I will work to ensure that the Chapter provides an environment that fosters professional development, collaboration and exchange. I have been a member of INCOSE since 1994 and believe that one of the greatest advantages of being an INCOSE member is rubbing shoulders and interfacing with other Systems Engineers in the profession. This not only enables collaboration but provides a wealth of opportunity for professional career growth and advancement. We realize that we are part of a larger community of Systems Engineers solving similar problems. Through INCOSE activities, we can grow our career and learn of opportunities for growth from other members. Second, we operate in an age of information overload. Information for the sake of information does not add value. As President of the Chapter, I will work closely with the Chapter Program Director and Programs Committee to ensure that our presentation speakers, tutorials, panel discussions and other forums present timely and relevant topics that bring value to the individual member. Cloud computing, agile Systems Engineering, model based SE, Systems Engineering for the DoD – these are all topics on the minds of our Systems Engineers, topics that the chapter brought to our members through different forums this past year and that we will continue to keep our members current in. Third, I will work to ensure that the Chesapeake Chapter brings the individual member value by linking us to the larger INCOSE, INCOSE as an international organization. I serve as my company’s Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) representative to INCOSE. I regularly attend the yearly International Symposium (IS) and International Working Group (IW) meetings. I will both represent the interests of the Chesapeake Chapter to the international INCOSE body and bring the goals and direction of the international organization to our Chapter. I will be a good steward of the position of leadership that is entrusted to me and will work diligently to bring value to the individual members whom I serve. I look forward to serving as President of the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter.
Running for Treasurer
David Alldredge
AlldredgeDavid Alldredge has been a Systems Engineer for over 30 years. He began his career with General Motors designing plant electrical power systems. After nearly 10 years with General Motors, he went on to work as a Senior Systems Engineer for 20 years at Computer Sciences Corporation, 3 years at SAIC and is currently an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton. He has supported many Government and Commercial clients including NSA, DIA, the State Dept., NASA, the FAA, the Army, NIH, the Maryland Dept. of Education, the European Space Agency (ESA) and several commercial clients. He holds a BSEE from Kettering University, an MSEE from Michigan State University, and an MS in Industrial Administration from Purdue University. He is a registered Professional Engineer, an INCOSE CSEP and is certified in 4 ITIL capability areas. As an active member of INCOSE, he is currently serving on the Communications Committee for the Chesapeake Chapter and as a CSEP Certification Application Reviewer for the national office. He is also a Life Member of the IEEE Computer Society and a past president of the Ann Arbor (MI) chapter of the ACM.Vision: I have been a member of INCOSE for several years and have participated actively in the Chesapeake Chapter activities for the last two years. I believe that INCOSE as an organization is very instrumental in improving the practice of Systems Engineering and the public perception of the profession. It is my desire to contribute more significantly to this mission at the local chapter level by serving on the Chesapeake Chapter Board in the capacity of Treasurer to insure the financial viability of the chapter.
Running for Secretary
Larry Corsa
CorsaLarry Corsa began his engineering career as a metallurgist over 30 years ago, and followed his research muse into measurement systems, computing and analysis, with an ever-increasing focus in hardware/software systems integration and the tools used to create and manage them. The title of Systems Engineer was first bestowed him by Hewlett-Packard during his 17 year career as consultant, software developer and systems architectect. Since leaving HP/Agilent in 2000, he has been involved in development of wireless collection and electronic attack systems for the Defense and Intelligence communities, working for Applied Signal Technology, SAIC, and Boeing/DRT. Mr. Corsa has his BS in Metallurgical Engineering and MS in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech, and has begun an MS program in Systems Engineering from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. He joined INCOSE in 2009 to deepen his formal understanding of the SE profession.Vision: As Secretary to the Chapter BOD, I plan to work closely with the Communications Officer to assure that meeting minutes and correspondence are managed and distributed appropriately for the maximum benefit of the Board and the Chapter membership. As a member of the Board, I plan to bring my experience and perspective to the planning and decision making process. I would value the opportunity to become part of the management team that keeps the Chesapeake Chapter at the forefront of the INCOSE world.
Mark Kaczmarek
KaczmarekMark Kaczmarek has over 33 years of professional experience as a Software Systems and Systems Engineer. He has 21 years of experience at Link Flight Simulation building Aerodynamic and Engine Mathematical Models for Aircraft Flight Simulator Trainers. Mark has an undergrad from Parks College of St. Louis University in Aeronautical Engineering. He has a MS degree in Applied Engineering from the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton State University of New York. Mark has been in several Officer positions from 1986 to 1999 for the Southern Tier Section of the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) in New York. Currently, Mark is employed by Poole and Associates, Inc., an engineering firm at Annapolis Junction, Maryland. Mark has been an active Committee member of the Chesapeake Chapter since May 2010 and has supported the start up of their Student Division.Vision: My organizational skills will be a value-add to the Board of Directors (BOD). I will explore new venues for the BOD to create a dashboard for each month’s activities by having the meeting documents available to the members in a convenient web-based location.My experience will bring value to the membership and expand the Chesapeake Chapter’s horizon. I plan to do this by collaborating with other Societies and groups so we can promote INCOSE, Systems Engineering principles and Systematic Methodologies within the engineering communities.Being an INCOSE member has been a great benefit to my Professional growth. By becoming an Officer, this allows me to return those benefits back to the rest of the membership.
Running for Programs
Erik DeVito
DeVitoErik is a Senior Systems Engineering Manager with 16 years of professional experience, presently working for Serco North America. He specializes in working with Government agencies in the development and acquisition of cutting edge, intelligence collection, military defensive and information processing systems. Besides holding an MBA from the University of Maryland University College, Erik is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional with a Department of Defense Acquisition extension. He’s also a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Notably he is a decorated veteran of the United States Air Force. During his service he provided direct threat warning to U.S. and allied aircraft conducting combat theater operations; including Bosnia (Joint Guard/Joint Forge), Kosovo and Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force/Operation Noble Anvil) and Iraq (Southern Watch). Erik has been an active member of INCOSE since 2006.Vision: As Director of Programs, I will continue to prepare and deliver both stimulating and relevant programs to serve the needs and wishes of the membership. Dinner Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops and Outreach events will all be a primary focus during my time as Director of Programs.
With my work as a Programs Committee member I have already shown that I can get the job done. I spearheaded the first ever Chesapeake Chapter Dinner Lecture Webcast. I assisted on two occasions, providing both photography and an after action reports, when Chesapeake Chapter and INCOSE Presidents addressed the Systems Engineering Community at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. I also coordinated and executed the program for the Chapter’s 2010 holiday dinner and awards gala. I’m currently working on preparations for the upcoming 2011 Maryland CSEP Recognition Dinner. Lastly, I filled in and led one of the dinner lectures for the program director when he could not be in attendance. I’m excited for the opportunity and feel that I am the best choice to fill this important position.
Will Harrison
HarrisonWilliam H. Harrison is a Senior Consultant in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Federal Government – Systems Integration group. As a Systems Engineer professional at Deloitte Will brings over 10 years of work experience that entails mapping and definition methodology, the verification of technical requirements, and the coordination of business improvement processes; his work experience includes military service. He has advised clients on technology needs, business improvement, program/project management, portfolio management, and information sharing solutions. He has also redesigned processes and implemented new initiatives to provide his clients a strategic advantage, at the same time protecting our country from adversarial attacks. Will is most proud of his nine plus years of service in the United States military. He rose to the ranks of Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army before receiving a commission in the United States Air Force. One of Will’s biggest accomplishments in the military was taking part in a five day-600 mile charity run from Atlanta, GA to Tampa, FL helping raise over 60 thousand dollars for children of deceased war veterans. Will earned a bachelor’s degree in international business from Hawaii Pacific University and a master’s degree in computer systems management from the University of Maryland University College.Vision:
As Director of Programs, I plan to bring an out of the box approach to programs. I plan to stimulate the interest of current members and gain the attention of potential members. Also I plan to use all programs as a marketing tool and a platform to build the chapter’s Corporate good-will.
Alex Pavlak
PavlakDr. Alex Pavlak is a Professional Engineer with 40 years’ experience managing a variety of R&D programs. His core competencies are systems architecture, energy systems and combining systems engineering with fact-based policy making. He received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is a consultant focused on applying systems engineering discipline to the development of clean energy systems. In past professional organizations he has been successful in attracting high caliber speakers.Vision: Exciting programs and compelling speakers provide much of the value received by chapter members. I’ve has some success attracting heavyweight speakers in past lives and I look forward to doing so for Chesapeake INCOSE either as Program Director of as a member of the programs committee.
Running for Communications
Paul Martin (Incumbent)
MartinMr. Martin has more than 20 years experience as a General Engineer specializing in Systems Development and Procurement in the Defense Acquisition community. He is presently working as a Senior Systems Engineer for Serco-NA, Inc. He is also an Adjunct Professor for the UMBC College of Engineering and Information Technology, Systems Engineering Graduate Programs, where he teaches ENEE 663: System Implementation, Integration, and Test. He also teaches a CSEP preparation for UMBC Training Center. He has earned a Master of Science in Systems Engineering along with a Certificate in Software Systems Engineering from George Mason University in 1994. He also has a DAWIA Level III certification in Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering. In March 2007 he became an INCOSE “Certified Systems Engineering Professional.”Vision: My platform for the 2012-2014 term for Communications Officer is simple: feedback. I’m going to strive to make it easier for you to give the Board of Directors feedback on the programs and events and overall value we provide you throughout the year. You know my actions from my previous term: The new website, built from the ground up, and updated regularly as well as a monthly newsletter loaded with chapter news and interesting articles. My goal for my next term, if elected, is to go the next step and develop a NEW website with a Content Management System backend, more collaboration capability and a Comment form for every article and post. I will keep you informed of the Chapter’s goings on. My only request is you tell us what you think. I’ll be asking for Feedback.
Running for Membership
Janet Deery
DeeryJanet Deery’s professional career and education has spanned many aspects of graphical user interface (GUI) design and development as well as systems design and testing. Starting out designing and developing web sites using HTML, JavaScript, and Flash animation, she quickly progressed into researching user needs, information design, and interaction design. Ms. Deery has now been conducting full life-cycle systems development design and testing for 8 years at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Project opportunities and coursework has led to a proficiency in requirements definition and the use of DOORS, human-computer interaction (HCI) usability engineering, as well as GUI verification and validation.Ms. Deery received a BA from UMBC in Imaging and Digital Art in 1998, has taken several Master’s-level Interaction Design and Information Architecture courses at University of Baltimore, and she now continues her professional training as a Master’s degree candidate in the JHU Whiting School of Engineering Information Systems Engineering program, with a concentration in Systems Engineering.Vision: Ms. Deery is committed to growing the understanding of the relevance of both Systems Engineering (SE) and Human-Systems Engineering (HSE) within project systems development work. At her workplace, she has been advocating for process development improvements aimed at helping program managers to know what SE practices would be the greatest benefit to their project and also how to sequence those SE practices on the broader project schedule. She has advocated for methodology standardization so that the best of the best can rise to the top in a manner that other engineers can tap into that knowledge-base. As Membership Chairman, she will recognize the importance of growing and maintaining the membership because those members are the resources from which those types of SE ideas will blossom. It’s from that collective pool of knowledge that ultimately will grow both Systems Engineering as a field and help the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter to obtain its objectives.
Don Gantzer
Gantzer Recently retired from SAIC as a Senior Systems Engineer supporting OSD’s SE office in standards coordination, development of a SE in Acquisition guide, development and core reviewer of programs’ SE Plans [SEPs], and program risk assessments.
Additionally, significant experience (~35 years) at other organizations e.g., Mitre, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, CNA, and Depts. of Energy &Transportation performing:- Implementing best practices for Process Improvement [CMMI, ISO 9001] with strong focus on measurements;- Project/Program Management emphasizing risk management; and Cost/Schedule estimation and monitoring;- Systems Analysis & Design, M&S, Operations Research,;- Program evaluation and policy analysis;

Customers included DOD (Navy, AF, DISA), NASA, FAA, IRS, EPA, etc.
Taught courses as Adjunct Faculty at universities (JHU, GWU, GMU, NVCC, AU ) in SE, engineering management, systems analysis & design, process improvement, systems/software engineering models and standards, practical software and systems measurements and analysis.
Presented, and chaired panels, at many professional meetings: INCOSE, NDIA-SE, SEI – CMMI, INFORMS, and TechAmerica.
Active in INCOSE since 1996; co-chair of Measurement (co-author of Measurement Primer, 2010); also member of NDIA-SE, IEEE, INFORMS.
I was membership chair of the Washington DC chapter.Vision: As Membership chair, I will focus on two key functions — seeking new members, and retaining memberships. I will seek new members by seeking ideas and support from our current members and their companies. Secondly I will seek more involvement of our education institutions. Seeking input on what our members desire by priority for our chapter, and soliciting input from those who recently dropped membership, will shed light on ways we can improve retention, and obtaining new members.

Bhanumati Sunkara (Incumbent)
Bhanu Sunkara Bhanumati Sunkara holds bachelor degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Kakinada, India. Other educational background includes graduate level courses in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and various other engineering courses within Westinghouse/NGC. She worked at Westing house/Northrop Grumman Corporation, Electronic Systems for 33 years in Systems Engineering and Software Quality Engineering. Systems Engineering experience is in Requirements Management, Radar Flight Data Analysis and Integration and Test activities. Mission Assurance experience includes Software Quality audits, engineering tool certifications, customer interface for Radar system sell off efforts, test software and test data evaluation. Received customer recognition award for supporting the customer in various efforts.

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