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Meet the Candidates Running for the 2013 Chesapeake Chapter BoD

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Welcome to the INCOSE BoD 2012 Election. This is your opportunity to cast your electronic vote by 14 November to elect three new members to the board of directors:

  • President-elect (DeVito or Winsor or write-in),
  • Treasurer (Bentley or de Jong or write-in), and
  • Communications chair (Eisner or write-in).

Together with the incumbents on BoD, these three people will form the new INCOSE Board of Directors. They will make the choices that differentiate our chapter from all of the others.

A list of primary roles and responsibilities can be found in the 2012 INCOSE-CC Operating Plan.

Ballots were sent out on October 29, 2012

If you haven’t received the ballot e-mail there may be many reasons:

  1. The e-mail could have went into your spam folder. Check it out and make sure it’s not there. Subject: Official Election Ballot for 2013 Chesapeake Chapter Board of Directors
  2. Some e-mails are being returned because of “Non-existent address.” This will happen when the INCOSE records don’t show you’ve changed companies and do not have that e-mail address any longer.
  3. Some e-mail are being “Blocked.” Most likely because of a work firewall.

So if you haven’t gotten the e-mail with the Official Election Ballot for the 2013 Chesapeake Chapter Board of Directors then please contact the head of the Election Committee Chair, 443-562-4945; or 240-373-4610. Provide an accurate e-mail address and we’ll send you a ballot.

It’s very important that every Chesapeake Chapter member vote for the candidate of their choice.

The timetable for the election process is:

Schedule Activity
29 October 2012 Ballot’s e-mailed to INCOSE-CC members
14 November 2012 Ballot Submission Deadline
21 November 2012 New officers and director announced
16 January 2012 New officers and director sworn in and installed

John W Lewis
Chair, 2012 INCOSE-CC Elections Committee

Meet the Candidates running for the 2013 Board of Directors.
Running for President Elect

Candidate #1: Erik DeVito

DeVitoEric is a Senior Systems Engineering Manager with 17 years of professional experience, presently working for Serco North America. He specializes in working with Government agencies in the development and acquisition of cutting edge, intelligence collection, military defensive and information processing systems. Mr. DeVito holds both an MBA and a Master of Science in Technology Management from the University of Maryland University College. Additionally, Erik is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional with a Department of Defense Acquisition extension through INCOSE and a Certified Senior Technology Manager with the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). Furthermore he has been trained and certified as an ITIL v3.0 professional and Six Sigma Green Belt. A decorated veteran of the United States Air Force, during his service he provided direct threat warning to U.S. and allied aircraft conducting combat theater operations; including Bosnia (Joint Guard/Joint Forge), Kosovo and Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force/Operation Noble Anvil) and Iraq (Southern Watch). Erik has been an active member of INCOSE since 2006 and is the current sitting Director of Programs for the Chesapeake Chapter.

Erik's Vision Statement: As President Elect, I will assist the President and Past President in providing leadership and stewardship in service of this great and growing chapter. Since working with the board I've seen what works and what doesn't work. As Program Director, I provided, with the help of my programs committee and fellow board members a slate of stimulating and relevant events. We've had Dinner Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops and Outreach events that provided both interesting exposition as well as met and exceeded the information and training needs of the membership. With my volunteer work over the last 2 years I have already shown that I'm dedicated and can get the job done. However, I'm not done yet, over my next three years first as President-Elect, then as Chapter President and finally as Past President I'll be dedicated to help this chapter maintain its top notch status as a leader and innovator within INCOSE. Locally with the great surge of Certified Systems Engineering Professionals I want to prepare the chapter for the eventuality that we will need to serve an ever increasing and demanding member base. While our recent leadership has laid the groundwork that work needs to be maintained and expanded to support our future growth. I will serve the membership with vigor and be proud of the post I hold not for the title but for the results I plan to deliver. I’m excited for the opportunity and feel that I am the best choice to fill this important position. Please give me your vote and I'll work harder than ever to serve you!!!

Candidate #2: Harry V. Winsor

Winsor System engineering has changed dramatically since I began my career. At the start, there were many new technologies that could fit many niches and open up the possibility for many new systems. Systems then were rather atomic and often self-sufficient, with only their dedicated purpose to fulfill. Development was performed at a slower tempo then, too. The largest systems efforts then were the North American Defense Command (NORAD) and the development and refinement of nuclear weapons, their delivery systems and developing their peacetime uses as power reactors. My career as an applied scientist was focused on understanding the scientific research needed to improve systems, and the systems that new scientific results could make possible. This began at the Air Force Weapons Lab with the program to put a high power laser in a plane to shoot down incoming missiles. It continued at DARPA with the development of materials and devices for high power optics, fiber optics, space optics components and new production technologies. It continued at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research working electronic and optical materials, and space obscurants. Then as Acting Director of the Electronics and Materials Science Directorate, I helped manage the Air Forces basic research programs to achieve new capabilities, and worked with the Air Force Systems Command to implement the new possibilities. On retiring from the Air Force, I worked on optical communications systems for Westinghouse, broadening to commercial and public safety systems (Air traffic safety, fingerprinting technology, and radar). I have since worked on satellite missile defense systems, the Air Force Global Combat Support System (GCSS-AF), quantum computing, and requirements systems, and have most recently completed PMP and CSM certification, which support my current position as an Advisory IT Architect for IBM.

Harry's Vision Statement: Over this career, systems engineering has changed character greatly and now faces many significant challenges. My focus as an officer of INCOSE would be to help develop training and certification syllabi that prepare systems engineers for the extension of numerous systems into global scale operation, and to understand how to develop systems when they are not self-contained, but depend on many other systems for their proper functioning. Such systems are far more user dependent, and need to be tailored using economical and agile techniques, and may need to be simulated using computer & mathematical models. Examples are managing networks under cyber attack, epidemic control under modern trans-national movement, global warming modifications to systems and new space systems for significant exploration goals. To this end, I ask the following leading questions: “What direction do you desire that systems engineering take your career? What new items should be available to you through INCOSE for certification and for keeping you informed of new developments and opportunities?

Running for Treasurer

Candidate #1: Richard Bentley

Bentley Richard Bentley has been a systems engineer for over 25 years. He began his career in 1987 as a Ship borne Systems Engineer with the United States Department of Defense. Since then he has specialized in Wireless Systems and Systems Security for numerous Telecom carriers in the US, Brazil and China. Mr. Bentley has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Akron and a Masters in Accounting from the University of Texas, Dallas. He currently owns and runs his own consulting service and has various S&P 500 corporations and Federal agencies as customers. He is currently focused on operational security and record auditing of Next Generation Wireless Systems. Mr. Bentley, who holds a CISSP certification, is a recent addition to the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter and is currently compiling his paperwork to apply for ESEP certification. Mr. Bentley divides his time between the Baltimore-Washington region and his home in Dallas.

Ric's Vision Statement: As the Treasurer of the Chesapeake branch of INCOSE I seek to maintain the financial health and viability of the organization while working with leadership to insure that the goals and aspirations of the chapter and its members are achieved. I am an advocate of conservative and transparent accounting practices and will apply those principles to the methodology adopted and advocated by INCOSE leadership. Clear and healthy financials are the cornerstone of a prosperous organization.

Candidate #2: Kent de Jong

deJongKent de Jong brings 25 years of professional experience in Software and Systems Engineering to Maryland from the Land of Enchantment on retiring from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In his career at Sandia, Kent worked on satellites, weapons, security systems, simulations, and information systems supporting several government and commercial customers. Departments of Energy, Navy, and Air Force customer as well as the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences afforded opportunities to build cool software, hangout with fun electronics, do exciting analyses, and learn project management from really great people. As part of this experience, Kent developed and taught software engineering and software quality classes, adapted the Fagan software inspection methodology to the Laboratories, and applied that methodology to weapons systems requirements and design drawing inspections. Collaborations with these customers guided Kent toward research of requirements creation, elicitation, and management…areas he found compelling and strangely attractive. During this study of requirements and their association with systems, Kent discovered INCOSE, where he found kindred spirits who believed a holistic approach to engineering of systems yields better results for customers and the public. Before joining Sandia, Kent earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To better serve his customers, Kent augmented his education with a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of New Mexico. As a member of New Mexico’s Enchantment Chapter of INCOSE, Kent earned his Certified System Engineering Professional credential prior to transferring to the Chesapeake Chapter.

Kent's Vision Statement: I am a strong believer in the mission of INCOSE and its efforts to be an international advocate for systems engineering principles and related disciplines. During my association with INCOSE, I’ve seen the organization significantly improve the practice of Systems Engineering and the public perception of the profession. Much of that improvement comes through membership growth, programs and influence of the individual chapters and their members. As Treasurer, I see my mission to maintain an underlying foundation for that work which comes from sustaining the Chapter’s financial strength. Through prudent fiscal management, I can assist other board members as we contribute to members’ professional development and the Chapter’s collaboration with industry, professional, and governmental organizations.

Running for Communications

Candidate: Oren Eisner

Mr. Eisner has been a software and systems engineer for over 28 years. Mr. Eisner has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University, an MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, and an MS/Applied Scientist degree from the George Washington University. He started his career with RCA developing complex software systems for the Trident class submarine systems. Following his employment at RCA, Mr. Eisner worked at several start-up organizations specializing in Voice-Over-Packet (Voice over Frame Relay, Voice over ATM, and Voice over IP). He was the company’s representative at the Frame Relay Forum and the ATM Forum. Following his experience in the world of start-ups, Mr. Eisner joined Hekimian Laboratories where he developed several product lines for performing remote testing of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Subsequently, he joined Lockheed Martin Corporation. At Lockheed Martin, Mr. Eisner worked on several large scale complex systems primarily for the Intelligence Community. He specializes in complex embedded and real-time software systems solutions. Most recently, he worked on a $700M cradle-to-grave program exposing him to the full life-cycle of systems engineering disciplines. Mr. Eisner holds a CSEP certification and has the responsibility within his organization of training over 60 engineers to facilitate earning their ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP certifications. He conceptualized and assisted in the creation of an internal SharePoint site used to disseminate information throughout the organization providing valuable insights into the certification and systems engineering processes. He has developed a 10 module course used internally to prepare employees for INCOSE certification and provide links to useful SE topics.

Oren's Vision Statement: As the Communication Director of the Chesapeake Chapter of INCOSE, I seek to facilitate communications, including the dissemination of information among and the distribution of news to chapter members, the management of the chapter’s website, and the promotion of the Chapter within the community at large. Exposing the community to the values of INCOSE and the benefits of Systems Engineering is pivotal to the enduring success of our industry.

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