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2017 February Monthly Meeting – Dinner and Lecture

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Applying System Thinking by the INCOSE Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery (CIPR) Working Group for Protecting Our Nation’s Infrastructure

February 15, 2017 Mr. Mark Walker, ESEP (CIPR Co-Chair)

6:00pm Networking and Dinner, 7:00pm Lecture

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Mark Walker ESEP 15 Feb 2017Presentation:  
We take electric power for granted. Threats to our electric grid are real: High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP); solar geomagnetic storms; cyber-attacks; physical attacks; and Radio Frequency (RF) weapons. We are accustomed to short duration power failures. However, disruptions of weeks, months, or over a year are more and more possible, yet this risk is largely unrecognized. The INCOSE CIPR WG has been active during 2016: INCOSE SEDC Conference, CIPR Edition of INCOSE INSIGHT (Dec 2016) 16 articles; InfraGard Book v1.0, Mark Walker, contributing author; INCOSE INSIGHT (July 2016).

Planned 2017 initiatives: EnergyTech2017; DuPont Summit 2017 & InfraGard Powering Through v2.0 book; INCOSE IS 2017; Regional support to InfraGard -sponsored Meetings & Activities (e.g. Maryland). The WG will be providing expert advice, to local, state and federal government, emergency organizations, and others, so that they can prepare for this very real threat to our electric grid.

Advance Registration $20 per Members, $25 for Non-members, and Students Free.  Payments received after Feb 12th, add $5.


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