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November 17, 2010: Cyber-Security Panel

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The meeting started with our President-Elect, John Lewis announcing the results of our election. Mr. Gundars Osvalds is our new 2011 President Elect.  Mr. Glenn Gillaspy was reaffirmed as our Treasurer. John thanked everyone who voted. You can read the new officers biographies at the >> Election Page<<

Cyber-Security Panel

What do you believe are the essential elements of a Cyber Security strategy that are necessary to fight and win today’s cyber war? Are we winning the cyber war?

Officials from the Departments of Defense (DoD) and Homeland Security (DHS) a few weeks ago warned that the prospect of a cyber attack remains imminent even as their agencies continue to monitor threats to U.S. critical infrastructure. >>Read story here<< With this as a background over 60 attendees got to hear four panel members, each respected in the field of cyber-security, discuss questions dealing with cyber-warfare.


  • Maureen Baginski, VP, Serco-NA, started the discussion by providing several elements to consider, such as, Recognize what ‘cyber’ means — information needed to obtain an operational effect; Educate the Public; Expand the art, trade-craft, and science of cyber analytics; and Pursue Public/Private Partnerships.
  • Dr. Forno, UMBC Cybersecurity Graduate Program Director, explained that even though the United States is the most technologically advanced country on the planet, we’re also the most vulnerable. We need to get beyond the hardware and software and start addressing the psychology and sociology of cyber-space. After all, “you can’t patch stupid.” Bridging the communications gap between the Engineer and the Executive is another area that needs to be fixed.
  • Dr. Mehan, Vice President of Cybersecurity, Lunarline Inc., went through the details and cost of several cyber-incidents in order to highlight the actual threat. She went on to explain the need for a cohesive strategy and laid out a few options like establishing a more secure digital environment (build in, not bolt on) and secure the supply chain. She also explained that FUD (Fear, Uncertainity and Doubt) is not the answer. More can be found in her slides >>HERE<<.
  • Larry Strang, VP, TASC, Inc. showed the elements of actual warfare and applied them to cyber-space. This highlighted the need for a new thinking and approach to cyber-security and the need for a national initiative to address the issue. International agreements are needed as well.

All the panel members agreed that using the term cyber “warfare” was unfortunate because the horror and devastation of real warfare should never be minimized.

The evening ended with a lively Q&A session. At the end each panel member received our thanks in the form of a special INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter coin.

Two signed copies of Dr. Mehan books, The Definitive Guide to Certification & Accreditation, and CyberWar, Cyber Terror, and Cybercrime: International Standards for Detect, Defend and Respond, were given away as door prizes. Also CyberCore Technologies graciously provided a door prize of a $150 gift card to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. It was a very informative evening and everyone left with a better appreciation of the Cyber-issue. And don’t forget that in order to make your next project ultra cool, put “cyber” in front of the name.


It was one of our most well attended meetings to date. The time went by quickly even though we allowed for an extra half hour. But no one seem to mind as the food, speakers, door prizes and comradeship were all fantastic. Another successful event for the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter .

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