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2011 Meeting Presentations

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16 November 2011

Joint INCOSE-PMI Meeting

Jim Armstrong
David M. Fadeley

19 October 2011 The Power of Partitioning In Systems Architecture Richard Taylor
21 September 2011 Agile Systems Engineering Dr. Suzette Johnson
17 September 2011 Model Based Systems Engineering Zane Scott
7 September 2011 Celebrating the Systems Engineering Professional
17 August 2011 The Deming of America Priscilla Petty
20 July 2011 Challenges and Opportunities for Systems Engineering Mr. Stephen P. Welby
15 June 2011 Systems Engineering & the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM) Mr. Matthew Hause
18 May 2011 Internet Weather Report: Increasing Cloudiness, Chance of Storms Harry J. Foxwell, Ph.D.
20 April 2011 Why and How to Defend Software Applications from Threats Dr. Rudy Spraycar, Ph.D
1 March 2011 Write-up Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) at Goddard Gundars Osvald
16 March 2011 Meeting Notes Panel: Understanding the INCOSE SE Professional Certification Program Paul Martin
16 February 2011 Meeting Notes Status of Model Based Systems Engineering Mark Walker
19 Jan 2011 Meeting Write-up Engineering Clean Energy Systems Dr. Alex Pavlak, PhD, PE, PMP

2010 Meeting Presentations

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Meeting Write-up
16 Dec 2011 Holiday Dinner/Awards Ceremony Meeting Write-up
20 Nov 2010 Finding Amelia: A Challenge in Systems Engineering Ric Gillespie Meeting Report
17 Nov 2010 Panel: Cyber-Security Maureen Baginski, Dr. Richard F. Forno, Dr. Julie E. Mehan, and Larry Strang Meeting Report
20 Oct 2010 Human Systems Integration John Winters, CHFP; Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc. Meeting Report
15 Sep 2010 Cybersecurity – is this just another “Y2K”? J.O. McFalls III,
Point One, Inc.,
Meeting Report
26 Aug 2010 Celebrating the CSEPs in our midst
18 Aug 2010 Architecture Design, Simulation and Visualization Using SysML Gundars Osvalds, Northrop Grumman Meeting Report
3 Aug 2010 INCOSE speaks with the Systems Engineers at NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterL George Anderson and John Thomas Meeting Report
21 Jul 2010 Experiences and Lessons Learned on the Quality Service Management Initiative Carl W. Deputy, Northrop Grumman Meeting Report
16 Jun 2010 Systems Engineering when the Stakes are High and Time is Short: Lessons from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
David Everett
Meeting Report
19 May 2010 Risk Profile for NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle Dr. Paul Mahata, President, University Consultants Inc Notes with links and report
21 Apr 2010 The Focus of DoD’s AT&L Systems Engineering Office in the Area of SE Standards and Guides Donald J. Gantzer;
Senior Systems Engineer DDR&E/SE
Notes with links and report
17 Mar 2010 Business Value of Agile Methods: Using Return on Investment Dr. David F. Rico; Boeing Cyber Solutions Notes
27 Feb 2010 “The OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™)” Tutorial Part 1 Mr. Sanford Friedenthal, Lockheed Martin Flyer OMG SysML Flyerwith bio
28 Feb 2010 “Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM)” Tutorial Part 2 Flyer OOSEM Flyerwith bio
17 Feb 2010 Putting MANAGEMENT Into Your Requirements Management
EXTRA: (Requirements Management WhitePaper)
Peter Baxter Notes with even more whitepapers
20 Jan 2010 How Systems Engineers Can Survive in the SCRUM Michael E. Pafford Notes