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Proposed Establishment of Sectors and Sector Directors

by Communications Team on October 24, 2011  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

This October and November, INCOSE Members will be asked to vote on a change to the INCOSE bylaws that is unanimously endorsed by the Board of Directors (BoD) to enable organizational changes that will establish the new positions of Sector Directors. The primary objectives of this proposal are to improve the direct influence of Chapters on governance at the level of the Board of Directors and to increase our ability to handle opportunities arising from our global growth.

This proposal increases the number of directors with primary responsibility for Chapters and Members from two to three, and establishes 2 new standing committees of the BoD. All other Board of Director positions will remain unchanged, as stipulated in INCOSE policy BOD-100.

Bylaws changes such as this one that will affect the way in which some directors are elected before appointment to the BoD require a quorum of 5% of members in good standing to cast a ballot. A simple majority is required to gain approval for this proposal. Please return your ballot or vote online promptly.

All questions will be promptly answered by email to

During the Dinner Meeting of the 19 October 2011 INCOSE Chesapeake Chaptere,  John Thomas, INCOSE President Elect, phoned in from overseas trip in order to discuss the proposed change to the INCOSE bylaws. Download his presentation here.

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