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Zen and the Art of Systems Thinking - June 21 2017

Presentation: We will look at the context of the Systems Thinking paradigm by exploring its history and philosophy. Explaining how this new mode of thought allows engineers to understand the workings of the world better. Starting with early ancient ideas and literature on systems, moving onto modern systems scientists (Bertalanffy, Wiener, Churchman, Forrester, etc.), and ending with INCOSE’s SE Handbook and the SEBoK explanations of the Concepts, Principles and Patterns of Systems Thinking. The road this talk will take is long and winding but it will illustrate the rich heritage that Systems Thinking brings to the table. And the fact that this is a new way to view the world with new eyes. To be able to see the world beyond its abstract categories and definitions and to start to appreciate the wonder of a system's “wholeness.”

Speaker:  Mr. Martin is a practicing Systems Engineer with over 35 years of experience. He is the founder and owner of SE Scholar, LLC, a company dedicated to helping Systems Engineers get their INCOSE SEP certification through affordable, on line instruction, no matter where they live and work! Paul also serves as an Adjunct Professor at UMBC where he teaches two SE graduate courses.

Advance Registration $20 for Members, $25 for Non-members, and Students Free.

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Price: $30.00

Date: June 21, 2017

Available Spaces: 98

No Magic Training June 2017

Description: Applying UPDM 2/DODAF/MODAF with MagicDraw is a 5 day course for Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM 2). The course focuses on implementation of UPDM 2 using core MagicDraw functionality and the MagicDraw UPDM 2 plug-in.
Course: This comprehensive course will help students to quickly improve planning and implementation of complex systems using UPDM 2 standards and the MagicDraw UPDM 2 plug-in. The training approach used assumes that many students have a basic understanding of DoDAF or MODAF and an understanding of how to describe an architecture. This course covers UPDM 2 in terms of the following architectural frameworks: DoDAF 1.0, DoDAF 1.5, DoDAF 2.0 (DM2) and MODAF 1.2 (M3).
Contains lectures and hands-on practice on using UPDM2 for architecture development
Includes information on how to build complete and integrated architectures; Presents UPDM 2 and related standards
UML 2, SoaML, and SysML where they apply to UPDM 2
Shows how to implement and customize the DoD Architecture Framework; Covers complete UPDM 2 Models and Views.
Presents a concise case study.
Course Materials: Students will receive printed course materials and a Magic Draw 30 day license key. Students must bring a laptop computer to use during the course.

Price: $1800.00

Date: June 26, 2017

Available Spaces: 7

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