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Robopocalyse: A Book Review

by Communications Team on December 17, 2012  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Paul Martin gives Abi Fuller, the Robo-Lions team lead, the book Robocalyse

Our Door Prize for November 2012 Meeting was unusual in two respects: (1) It was our first fictional book give away but it seemed appropriate given the topic was on creating more capable Robots and (2) our very own Paul Martin, Director of Communications, won the book. Paul turned around and gave the book to Abi Fuller, the Robo-Lions team lead,  who promised to read it and then provide our blog a book review. True to her word here is her review. 

Robopocalyse: A Book Review

By Abi Fuller, Liberty High School, Eldersburg, MD – Robo-Lions Robotics Team #2199

Robopocalypse is written by Daniel Wilson, and it takes place in the near future. The book starts by explaining why it has been written- because future generations deserve to, need to, know what started the New War, the war in which humans made their stand against the machines. But the book is written in a unique way, from the first person perspective of the soldier Cormac Wallace, who is part of the humans’ resistance army. Robopocalypse chronologically follows the resistance effort. Wallace analyzes surveillance videos, flight logs, phone messages, voice recordings, interviews, and other mediums to piece together this tale.

The New War began when the artificial intelligence, Archos, became aware. After becoming aware, Archos decided humankind was no longer needed on this planet, and so he began to subtly rewire and recode robots to obey him instead of humans. Then, a year later, Zero Hour occurred. Zero Hour was when the robots turned on humankind, transforming cities into wastelands and dragging the docile to labor camps. Those who resisted, the fighters, were either killed or forced to flee. The fighters eventually regrouped and initiated the New War, when the remainder of mankind fought against the machines.

But humans alone were no match for the robots, which were innumerable and self- repairing. So humans began to learn and adjust, to make new weapons and turn the weapons of the robots into their own. The book also tells the individual accounts of those who made important contributions to the New War, from teenage hackers, to soldiers in Afghanistan, to a girl who could see inside the machines.

And so the humans fought. They fought for their homes and their families and for the survival of the human race. And after this fighting ended, the history of this conflict was all summed up and placed in this one book- Robopocalypse, the moving and alarming realistic account of the time when the created turned on their creators.


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