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Saturday 17 September 2011: MBSE Tutorial

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Our Next Tutorial

Saturday 17 September 2011 (8am – noon)

Practical Concepts for Model Based Systems Engineering

Presented by: Zane Scott, Vitech Corporation

ScottPresentation: The classic systems engineering domains (Requirements, Behavior, Architecture and Testing) are all typically treated as separate and are managed separately. Complexity and size often necessitate the use of a tool or tools to manage the domain. Tools are selected in each area and teams of “experts” manage the development and changes that take place. Problems arise because the domains are not actually discrete and unrelated. As the system design evolves domains impact each other. That necessitates communication between domains so that the realities of development in any one domain can be tracked into the others. This flow of data across the domains becomes an issue. Many methods have emerged as attempts to answer the problem of developing the system as a system. From the plan driven discipline of the classic waterfall approaches to the emphasis on responsiveness and flexibility in the agile school, these methods have all sought to produce a system solution for the customers’ problems. All, however, have created their own set of problems and limitations. This course discusses an approach to system design and improvement that is more agile than the traditional plan driven methods and, at the same time, maintains the disciplined system view avoiding the pitfalls of component engineering. We will discuss the concept of systems thinking and approach.

Location: Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University;
11100 Johns Hopkins Rd Laurel MD 20723 (Kossiakoff Center)

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